Monthly Archives: October 2011

Snow & Weather Conditions and Their Impact on Helicopter Skiing

The proverbial heliskiing trip to Canada or Alaska fills the minds eye with blue-sky, white-capped alpine vistas and knee-deep champagne powder as far as the eye can see. Fortunately, this is often the case, and that’s why people go heliskiing. … Continue reading

Different Heliski Lodges

Living in the lap of luxury – it’s what heliskiing is generally all about. It’s five-star accommodation, top of the line ski gear, meticulously maintained aircraft, and melt-in-your-mouth cuisine. The thing is, everybody does it a little bit differently, and … Continue reading

Skis Used For Heliskiing

Like pretty much everything in this world (communication, travel, manufacturing, etc), sport, and more specifically ski equipment, has changed enormously over the past five, ten, thirty years. From the lace up leather boots and eight-foot long wooden boards of yesteryear, … Continue reading

Heli-skiing: A day in the life

Each morning, at 7:30, the quiet of the fresh powder falling outside accompanies the smell of hot coffee and ham omelettes to power-up for the day. Through dim chatter, the group awakens to the adventure unfolding before them as the … Continue reading

Heliskiing in Film; How the Ski Movie Industry Keeps the Rotors Turning

The last decade has seen home and small-time commercial filmmaking rise to levels never before expected. The exponentially accelerating improvement of technology has allowed whoever would so wish the opportunity to head to the local pawnshop and pick up a … Continue reading