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Helicopter Skiing – Types of Helicopter Used

Heliskiing is sexy, not least because of the fact that helicopter travel is an unusual experience, and not something that every layman gets to do. Helicopters are quick and nimble, able to land and take off virtually anywhere, and are … Continue reading

Best Heli skiing in the Media

Much like Rolex, Ducati, and Grey Goose rule the roost in their respective industries, heli skiing is the golden boy; the gold standard; the place to be seen when skiing or snowboarding is your pursuit of choice. Hollywood’s films have … Continue reading

Heli Ski British Columbia – What to Wear

Heli-skiing is a great way to find backcountry snow at any time in the season. However, the proper attire should never be overlooked. Whenever you’re getting ready for a week of high-altitude powder skiing, make sure you have the right … Continue reading

Why Heli-Ski in BC?

British Columbia is the birth place of helicopter skiing. For over forty years, skiers from around the planet have flocked to the western most province in Canada to heli-ski in BC. Initially offered in the Kootenay Rockies region of southwest … Continue reading

November 2011 Heliski News

November News Snow has reclaimed the mountains and we are now less than two months from season start. With another La Niña weather pattern on the horizon, it’s shaping up to be an epic winter…

Heli-skiing: Safety First

In some respects, heli-skiing is safer than skiing in resorts. Consider the number of people in resorts who are corralled along catwalks towards the bottoms of ski runs: the more people, the more collisions you have and the higher the … Continue reading

Find the Best Heli Skiing Destinations with Google Earth

Google Earth brings the furthermost corners of Mother Nature to computer screens everywhere. Mountain ranges, as well as their peaks and gullies, are visible interactively through the magic of satellite imagery. Using this technology before (and after) your heli-ski tour … Continue reading

Canada Heli Ski Forecast: The La Niña Effect

Do you remember last season? Heli-ski resorts across North America noted record snowfalls. For some resorts they reached their average snowfall before the end of December. If you think last season was simply a one-off, think again. La Niña is … Continue reading

Best Heli-Skiing Videos in the World

The next best thing to skiing in the backcountry is watching other people ski in the backcountry. While we do produce our own heli-skiing videos, the big screen has brought white mountains and the thrilling experience of heli-skiing in British … Continue reading

Heli-ski and heli-board: Working Together in the Backcountry

The relationship between snowboarders and skiers has been getting a bad rap. All to often in resorts we’ve heard boarders bad-mouthing skiers and skiers glaring at their shredding counterparts. Boarders don’t seem to like the skiers and skiers detest the … Continue reading

The Top Five Heli-Skiing Destinations

Heli-skiing has been around since the mid 1960s thanks to pioneer Hans Gmoser. The concept hasn’t changed much since then: skip the lift lines and take a helicopter to the top of remote, snow-covered mountains. There, you and your friends will … Continue reading