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Heli Ski Lodges & Resorts – What Makes Them Special?

An important part of any heli ski holiday is the lodgings in which you stay. Even with the greatest terrain, epic snow conditions, and great friends to share the experience with, if the lodgings and accommodation falls below standard it … Continue reading

Heliskiing Protection & Clothing

The mountains can be wild and dangerous places even when you are within the safe hands of our qualified guides. Without man-made heliskiing protection we would never survive more than a few hours in the wilderness that is British Columbia, … Continue reading

What makes a good heli-ski helicopter?

It’s 7:00 in the morning, and there’s still warm coffee in my mug. We’re a scraggily group of fleece and smart-wool, some up at dawn, others just barely awake. Yesterday’s sortie heli-skiing down the flanks of Mount Disraeli was electrifying, … Continue reading

Canadian Heliskiing History & Origins

One day in late February 1963, Art Patterson, a geologist from Calgary and avid skier, met with Hans Gmoser, an Austrian mountain guide who had relocated to the area. Together with pilot Murray McKenzie, they set off to scope the … Continue reading

Heli Ski Gear: Ski Boots

Everyone has a favorite pair of ski boots, and it is common knowledge that one person’s perfect pair may result in blisters for another. With that in mind, here is a short guide to get you in the know, with … Continue reading

Heli Ski Resort Canada – Escape the crowds to Northern British Columbia

Heliskiing is all about getting away from the busy slopes of mainstream resorts, and what better place to escape the crowds than British Columbia. Taking time to explore this wild region can be rewarding in itself. Northern BC compromises three … Continue reading

Heli Skiing Trip Reviews

Northern British Columbia is the natural choice for those looking to safeguard their heli skiing trip. With its consistently high annual snowfalls and abundant, expansive terrain choices, it’s the safest bet when all you want to do is ride epic … Continue reading

Heliskiing vacation: When is the best time to go?

We are often asked, here at Last Frontier, when is the best time to take that special Heli Skiing break? Our general answer to this is anytime! Being based in northern BC we are lucky to have access to some of the … Continue reading

Heli Skiing Accommodation in British Columbia – Our Heli Ski Lodges

Come and stay with us at Last Frontier and you will not only be treated to world class heli skiing, but also live in rustic luxury for the duration of your stay. Canada is famous for its welcoming hospitality, and … Continue reading

Heli skiing holidays to suit you

At Last Frontier Heliskiing we offer a range heliskiing packages to suit the unique preferences of our skiers and boarders. We can offer trips from short, intensive four-day escapes, to longer and more exotic heliski safaris. Whatever your aspirations are, we … Continue reading

February 2012 Heliski News

February News In this month’s news we take a peek at our wild heliski safari, check in with the Oakley and Salomon film crews and give you an update on the latest conditions.

Heli-Ski Skis – Top 5 Recommendations

Following from our gear guide, here are our top five recommendations for skis you should be glad to be riding in any heli-skiing situation. Salomon Rocker 2 Our go-to ski for when the conditions are just right here when heli … Continue reading

Heli Skiing Powder – What Goggles do you need?

Goggle and especially lens technology has improved dramatically in the past few years, to the stage that manufacturers have recently even added GPS systems and full HD cameras to some of their models. Ignoring these innovative creations for a while, … Continue reading

Heli skiing pictures: what camera should I take?

Despite many people returning year after year, for some clients, heliskiing with us at Last Frontier is not something they get to experience regularly. So capturing the moment, and getting the best heliskiing pictures is really important. Choosing the best … Continue reading

Heli-Snowboarding: 5 Boards for Riders to Consider

A while back on the Last Frontier Heliskiing blog, we took a look at what makes a great heli snowboard, and some of the technical details that makes one board stand out from another. Now let’s look at five of … Continue reading