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Red Bull Heli Skiing – The Red Bull Cold Rush

The Red Bull Cold Rush event took place at the beginning of this month and as promised delivered some jaw dropping action from some of the world’s best freeskiers. Each competitor got the use of a helicopter to whisk him … Continue reading

Luxury Heli Ski Resort Canada

Never has it been so easy to enjoy all the thrills and excitement of helicopter skiing whilst nestled in our rustic luxury resorts of Bell 2 lodge or at the Ripley Creek Inn. Here at Last Frontier Heliskiing, we’re known … Continue reading

Heli Ski Territories: Why any amount of heliskiing in Canada is good

Any amount of heliskiing Canada this winter is better than none, but since we have the largest tenure for you to ski in, we recommend you try to take as much time as you can spare to explore this vast … Continue reading

Heli Ski Equipment: Waterproofs

Recently we’ve had a look at what contributes to making an excellent outer jacket for your next heli-skiing holiday. But whilst browsing what new jacket or pants to get for this or next season, you may, like many others, have … Continue reading

Heli Boarding in Deep Powder: Pro Tips

It’s that time again here at Last Frontier when the spring storms start to roll in, making this the perfect opportunity to get some last minute powder riding under your belt. If you’re a snowboarder and unfortunately haven’t made the … Continue reading

Heli Boarding Tips: Board Set Up

We’ve looked at some tips for skiing the steeps on your skis including keeping a good position, flexion of the ankles and becoming more aggressive in your style. But for all our one planked brethren, here are some tips when … Continue reading

Best Heli Ski Helmets

There’s one area regarding skiing, and in particular heli-skiing, that we would never scrimp on. If you value your safety in the mountains of BC, then we recommend checking out one of these top lids. As well as protecting your … Continue reading

Heliski Holiday: Outer Jackets

Outer jackets form one of the most important parts of any outdoor enthusiasts kit. They can range in quality, style and of course, price, but how much do you know about how your jacket works? And If you’re looking for … Continue reading

Heliskiing Travel British Columbia, Canada

It may be true that here in Canada we have the largest majority of heli skiing opportunities in the world, but there is also a lot more to this amazing country than just great heli skiing. Here in BC we … Continue reading

Heli Skiing Myths

It has to be said, people do sometimes turn up with the strangest ideas about what they can do heli skiing with us at Last Frontier Heliskiing. Whether they’ve watched one too many Warren Miller films, or fancy themselves as … Continue reading

Heli Ski Tips: Develop your ‘steep’ skills

Many of our guests that take a heli skiing trip come to us at Last Frontier to ski the steeps of the mountains of British Columbia. A good overall technique is vital for mastering not only the steeps, but for … Continue reading

March 2012 Heliski News

March News In this month’s news we introduce our new Facebook page, take a closer look at the size of our heliski area and give you an update on the latest conditions.

Heli Ski Mountain Ranges: the formation of the Rockies

The formation of mountains doesn’t happen overnight – it is a slow process that takes millions of years. Until relatively recently in mans history no one could come up with a feasible theory to explain how these great structures could … Continue reading

Heli Skiing Retreat – Nutrition Management

Altitude is one of the most demanding and challenging places to exercise in.  With Last Frontier you may be dropped of at heights of up to 2,600 meters, and at this elevation performance can quickly decline.  The greater the altitude … Continue reading

Best Heliskiing in the world!

There are some epic helicopter skiing spots all over the world, from the steeps of Alaska to the exotic and rarely accessed ranges of northern India. But where are the top spots? Where are the places that, once skied, change … Continue reading