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Heliski Gadgets: Travel in Style and Comfort

Traveling can be tiring at times, especially if you’re covering a long distance to get to your remote heli skiing location. A few little necessities will make that traveling time fly by, making you wonder where all the time went. … Continue reading

Headphones for Heli Skiing!

It is a well known fact that listening to music whilst taking part in sporting activities is not only hugely enjoyable but can motivate, boost enthusiasm and confidence, and even concentration. Heli skiing tree runs whilst listening to fast paced … Continue reading

The Story of Oakley & Heliskiing

You may have already heard of our ultimate gear giveaway here at Last Frontier Heliskiing, but if not, all you have to do for a chance to win $600 worth of goodies from Marmot and Oakley is like our facebook … Continue reading

Heli Skiing Safety Tips

Heli skiing and alpine skiing are some of the most exciting things you can do on a mountain. Preparing for these activities is relatively easy; turn up at a resort or book a few days heli ski vacation at your … Continue reading

Summer Skiing: Where can you give it a try?

With summer coming on strong in the northern hemisphere most people have forgotten, or at least put to the back of their mind, skiing. There will be a few however who can’t seem to let go that easily, and are … Continue reading

Marmot Heliskiing: Company Profile

This month at Last Frontier Heliskiing we’re giving away loads of goodies including some great items from Marmot. Marmot manufacturer a range of products ideal for those who love to heli ski in all conditions or just get out into … Continue reading

Skiing: Origins and early Olympians

Compared to other sports, the history of skiing is rather obscure. While nowadays there is a huge variety of different disciplines such as recreational heli skiing or competitive mogul racing, the first skis were purely for cross-country purposes.

Heli Skiing, Back Country, Downhill…What’s your Style?

Throughout the years skiing has constantly been in a state of change and progression. Through these changes different disciplines have all evolved within the sport, so that nowadays there are many different ‘types’ of skiing that you can participate in, … Continue reading

Heli Skiing Etiquette

Etiquette within skiing is determined by a set of unspoken rules or codes that apply to all areas of skiing. Whether you are heli skiing with guides, or just on a resort ski holiday, many of the same etiquettes apply. … Continue reading

Heli Ski: Mounting Your POV Video Camera

The beauty of the size and weight of the new range of POV video cameras is that they have endless possibilities for mounting options. Getting amazing heli skiing footage is easier than ever, and although the cameras themselves may be … Continue reading

Heli Skiing: How to sharpen your edges

In this post under ski maintenance we will look at how to best sharpen your edges. With any luck, and some amazing powder heli skiing, your edges won’t even come into play. But when the going gets more variable, or … Continue reading

Top 5 Heli Ski Pants For Men

Before on this blog we’ve had a look at what kind of features and styles make for some great ski pants to choose for heli skiing in northern BC. The top priority of ski pants is obviously to keep you … Continue reading

Heli Skiing Company Profile – Teton Gravity Research

Four friends with a passion for the sea and mountains, and all the action sports these natural venues can host, began Teton Gravity Research (TGR) in 1995. From films of heli skiing big lines in Alaska to a fresh look … Continue reading

Mounting Your Own Heli Ski Bindings

Mounting your own ski bindings has long since been seen as a difficult and intimidating process. Even experienced heli skiing veterans sometimes prefer to take their gear to a shop, rather than do it at home. The process however is … Continue reading

How To Conserve Your Energy Heli Skiing

You might be mistaken for thinking with a helicopter to whisk you around the mountains, that heli skiing in northern BC is a relatively relaxed, and a great level of fitness is not necessary. We’ll not tell tales about the … Continue reading