Monthly Archives: August 2012

Heliskiing Events: World Heli Challenge Days Away

Contestants are still signing up to compete mere days before kickoff at the biggest annual heliskiing event south of the equator. Just recently, snowboarding phenoms Antti Autti, JJ Thomas, and extreme skier Sandra Lahnsteiner have been penciled in for participation … Continue reading

Heliskiing in BC: Who flies the chopper?

Byron Wells is an up-and-coming freeskier from New Zealand. At age twenty, he’s already been competing internationally for four years. Doggedly pursuing his big brother Jossi’s success on the slopes, Byron seemed poised to finally overtake his sibling after getting … Continue reading

Heliski Fitness: Staying fit in the off-season

Ever dust off the skis after they’ve spent all summer in the garage? Your heart picks up its pace as your mind conjures images of crystal clear skies, untouched knee-high powder, and the ridge you’re about to crest as you … Continue reading

Finding Cheap Heliskiing Gear: Summer Is Good For Something

If you’re a dedicated heliskier and backcountry enthusiast in North America, there’s nothing like the long, hot, humid days of summer to foul up your mood. The first snowfall is still a few months away, and there’s no way you … Continue reading

Olympic Skiing: Kristi Richards moves on

British Columbia isn’t only the home of extraordinary skiing, it’s also the home of extraordinary skiers. Naturally, the two go hand in hand. Raise a family among the best ski conditions in the world and expect the probability of a … Continue reading

Heliskiing at the next Winter Olympics?

As you watch this year’s London Olympics you might catch BMX bike racing and think: I wonder how the ancient Greeks kept their tires inflated back then? Well, maybe that won’t be your initial impression, but you might wonder when … Continue reading

Are Heliskiing Competitions Good for the Sport?

Summer in the northern hemisphere means a few things: long days, warm weather, no snow, no skiing. But summer in the northern hemisphere also means quite the opposite for our brethren in the southern hemisphere. The winter ski season is … Continue reading