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The Life of a Guide Part 1.

If the guides at Last Frontier Heliskiing didn’t already seem to have a great life – skiing day after day in the world’s single largest heli skiing tenure – they seem to have the most epic summers as well. My … Continue reading

Last Frontier Heliskiing – It’s not just the snow

When you average 25 metres (yep, metres) of snow a year, have the single largest heliski tenure on earth and some of the best guides in the business, you tend to focus solely on what we offer for the skier … Continue reading

Mountain Lines and Valley Vines: Ski, Wine, Dine, Repeat

You know what they say, life is too short to drink home-made wine. However, it is made at the home of one of the many incredible wineries in the Okanagan valley, you’re safe. Unshackled by tradition and committed to sustainability, the BC … Continue reading

How To Be Popular on a Heli-skiing Trip.

You know the scenario. Your “friends” said they were going to come heli-skiing with you this winter… but one by one, an excuse was given until eventually you find yourself on the trip of your dreams with a bunch of … Continue reading

My Ritual on a Powder Day

Skiers are creatures of habit. We all have our rituals before heading out on a powder day. When I was sixteen years old, my ritual on any day, whether there was a foot of fresh or not, was to watch … Continue reading

Training Tips for the Average Athlete

It is mid-summer, and at some point soon (not right away), us average athletes will have to start thinking about our training regimens that will lead us into winter. In a town like Revelstoke, people get after it, and sometimes, … Continue reading

Time to get Fired Up

I love fires. I get all jazzed up when there is talk of building a fire…. Any kind of fire really, as long as it is controlled, the season doesn’t matter, nor does the location. Whether it is the backyard, … Continue reading

All of Us Are Skiers, Even YOU

I think there are a lot of people who are intimidated by “real skiers.” I am here to dispel that. Whether it be three times a year, every weekend, or 100 days per season, everybody that gets on the planks … Continue reading

Surfing – A Metaphor for life

A wise poet once said, you’ve got to catch the wave, to enjoy the ride. You’ve got to hold on to come out the other side.

Coffee – Fuel for the Mountain Lifestyle

I love coffee, and nowhere more so than in the mountains. Be it at a basecamp, a hut or a heli ski lodge. How good is it to have a cup of steaming, black coffee before heading out for a … Continue reading

The Salomon Rocker 2′s: A Love Affair

I was committed to my skis. I had made a promise to them that we would be together for a long, long time. But when the Salomon Rocker 2′s presented themselves to me, I was done for. This is the … Continue reading

Eat Like a Caveman, Feel Like a King?

Nothing says the start of summer like a new diet trend. This year is no exception. But instead of something new and modern to get you looking good in your bikini, this year’s trend is based on eating habits from … Continue reading

Top Ten Reasons You Should Take a Ski Bum Heliskiing

Ok, ok. While I MAY be a ski bum, this is absolutely not a sales pitch or any form of self-promotion. Consider it instead to be a guide to having the best time of your life. ‘Cause let’s face it, … Continue reading