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Listen and Learn While Heliskiing

Music is an integral part of life; a song can move us, awaken us, invigorate us and transport us back in time. It can excite us and provide a soundtrack to daily life…but it can also distract us from the … Continue reading

November 2013 Heli Skiing News

November News We are now less than a month from the official season start on December 19th. This month we have a few updates to share with you including Jake Blauvelt’s trip to Last Frontier, updates from our heliski blog … Continue reading

My First Day on the Hill

After a long and beautiful summer, the lifts are finally spinning for skiers. It’s always happy times in Whistler the first week the hill opens. The new crop of ski bums are in town, the lifties strut around in their … Continue reading

Superhuman Prep: How Guides Get Ready for Winter

All mountain and/or ski guides have a different process to prepare for the heliskiing season. Whether it is mental, physical or spiritual, these guides have their relationships with the mountains dialled. Jamie Whiteside, Assistant Operations Manager at Last Frontier Heliskiing, … Continue reading

It’s A Pilot’s Life For Me

Bottom line: without a helicopter, there is still skiing. But without a good – really good – helicopter pilot, there is no heliskiing. That’s why we have guys like Joel Valentine from Access Helicopters fly our machines.

Top Ten Ways to Deal with November

November: rain, darkness and that weird transition from the last remnants of summer sports to the dominance of winter and its one sport. I always find it a tough month. The switch to Daylight Savings Time (a ridiculous switch), which … Continue reading

From Home to the Last Frontier: Getting Here

You’ve booked your trip, or you’re finalizing winter plans and are about to; long and short, the “getting here” can feel daunting. We’re out in the middle of nowhere, on the last frontier, whatever you want to call it. It’s … Continue reading

Early Season Dangers

It happens every year. When the fall storms start rolling in, keen and motivated mountain enthusiasts decide to go into the backcountry or skin up their local hill for a few early season laps. Inevitably, people make bad decisions. Whether … Continue reading

New Ski Boots – AT or Alpine?

Ski boots. For so many of us, buying boots is a fairly arduous process. Everything from choosing a boot, getting it fitted properly, breaking it in, dealing with custom vs stock liners…there are lots of decisions involved in getting new … Continue reading

Just When You Thought You’d Seen It All: MORE SKIING!

Premiere season is almost wrapped, and skiers everywhere are starting to get after it. Realistically – according to Instagram – the ski season has begun. This fall has been another banger for ski and snowboard movies, and I have been … Continue reading

Yoga and Skiing: Why You Should Stretch Before that Caesar

No matter how fit you are, how hard you train in the summer or how limber you think you are, skiing has a famous way of still making you incredibly stiff, sore and creaky. Responsible people talk about a “preventative” … Continue reading

FIS World Cup Preview – Speed Events

With the Sochi Winter Olympics less than a hundred days away, it’s going to be a big year for skiers on the FIS World Cup. I love watching skiing, but my favourite events are the speed events of Downhill and … Continue reading

The “BGE”: Last Frontier Heliskiing’s Baked Goods Experiece

Treats! Cookies! Pastries! Bread! It is an inarguable truth that one of the greatest things about heli skiing (in particular) is the SNACKS. If a five year old’s birthday party met with an adult powder skiing dream…you’d have what we … Continue reading