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Heli Skiing is Fun! There’s No Need to be Intimidated.

We have all seen ski industry media: helicopters blasting through massive mountains, landing on top of an exposed peak, the athlete hopping out on to a dangerously corniced ridge. Backpack straps flapping, they hold their skis down while the helicopter … Continue reading

Olympic Ski Preview – Canada’s Time for Speed

Sochi is less than three weeks away and Canada’s alpine skiers have there work cut out for them. The big question for this winter Olympiad is will the Canadians be able to end a twenty-year medal drought and bring home … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons To Heliski Last Frontier

Going heliskiing is a big decision. It’s not like booking a ski holiday to Aspen or Whistler. People choose to go heliskiing because they are looking for the ultimate powder adventure. There are a lot of operators out there to … Continue reading

The Sound of Heli Skiing? Sounds Good

There are sounds that indicate so many things in life: laughter and happiness, crying and sadness, cry-laughing and watching the Olympics. There are the classic sounds of life: the sound of a baby’s first squeal, the sound of a beer … Continue reading

First Aid – Why You Should Know It

There are a few skills that I see as a must in life. Swimming, for instance, is one of the more important skills you can learn. Not only does it open doors into other sports like surfing, it’s something that … Continue reading

Five Muscle Recovery Techniques for Heliskiing

Ultimately, the idea behind training for sporting events is that the athlete ensure that their body peaks at just the right moment, maximizing their strength and ensuring their optimal performance. Of course, you are an athlete, but not quite at … Continue reading

A Great Time to go Heliskiing

It’s been a bit of a tough season for ski resorts on the south coast. Sure we’ve had some snow, but precipitation amounts are well below average. Further south, things are even worse. In California, for instance, the snowpack is … Continue reading

Five Hot Tips for Powder Skiing

Granted, there are no friends on a powder day (if you have to wait, which you don’t/won’t); but, if your best friends are all right there with you, then there is some serious bonding that can go on in the … Continue reading

This Year, Make Your Resolutions About Skiing

There’s a lot of inherent stress and anxiety with overly ambitious New Year’s Resolutions. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a little self-motivation, but don’t beat yourself up. This year you should make your New Year’s resolutions about skiing: that … Continue reading