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Best Jobs In A Ski Town

One thing about living in a ski town is that it’s awesome. Another thing about living in a ski town is that it costs money and, contrary to my wildest dreams, you can’t actually pay for things like rent and … Continue reading

Top Five Ski Towns

I’ve lived in a fair few ski towns over the years and visited countless others on winter road trips. I’ve seen the lists out there of top ten mountain towns and top ten ski towns. I’ve watched the absolutely ridiculous … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of a Heli-Ski Pilot: Understanding Helicopter Safety

For a heli-skiing operation to run safely, there is one massive factor that has to be absolutely dialed: flying a helicopter. On top of that, heli-skiing pilots are required to do precision mountain flying in extreme winter conditions, which means that the … Continue reading

Rules Of The Ride: Ski Lift Etiquette

Helicopter etiquette is pretty simple: get in, help each other with the seatbelts, don’t hog the window seat, pass the water, get out. Gondolas and chairlifts, however, adhere to a completely different set of rules and standards. There are several … Continue reading

November 2014 Heli Skiing News

November News This month we release the full version of our 2015 promo video, share a new article about our heliski safari, check currency exchange rates and recap the latest blog updates.

The Cold Rush – A Short Feature Film By Last Frontier Heliskiing

Every year we release a short feature film as a way of showcasing a typical week at Last Frontier Heliskiing. We invite two athletes, in this case big mountain freeskier and BASE jumper Suz Graham, and freeskier Chris Booth, and we … Continue reading

Afterglow by Sweetgrass Productions

As there continues to be more and more “epic” in ski media, it is a gift that the leading filmmakers in the industry give us when they portray the art behind the sport. There is an inherent connection between the … Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons Why Helicopter Snowboarding Beats a Resort Experience ANY day!

Look, I’m not saying that riding resorts is bad or boring or the opposite of awesome. I’m sure we can all agree that any day on snow is a pretty darn good day. I’m just saying that some days are … Continue reading

January at Last Frontier Heliskiing

It can be difficult to choose when to go heliskiing. At Last Frontier Heliskiing, we’ve even written a post about it to help you decide when to come visit. You see, every month is different and they all have their … Continue reading

How to Be A Hero with Your GoPro

Watching a good GoPro video can be one of the most vertigo-inducing, adrenaline-jacking, heart-pumping thing in the world, but watching a bad GoPro video – or hours of footage of someone’s helmet – can be painful at best. If you … Continue reading

The Art of Thrifting

There’s a paradoxical truth dominating ski towns across North America: we’re all decked out in ridiculously expensive gear right down to our socks, despite the fact that our incomes are laughably tiny and we can barely afford a latte, let … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Ski Touring Setup

Gear. I love gear. New gear, old gear, I’m a bit of a gear junkie. My garage, storage space, living room, bedroom, truck…every space I live and work in is littered with gear from the various sports I do or … Continue reading

Salomon Freeski TV Is Back!

Switchback Entertainment, based out of Whistler, BC, has been doing nothing other than straight killing it for seven seasons of Salomon Freeski TV, and have just launched their eighth season, recently dropping another banger episode, filmed in Japan at Rusutsu … Continue reading