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April 2015: Heliskiing Season Recap

April News This month we have a short slideshow to highlight the 2015 heliski season, photos from Red Bull’s visit to Ripley Creek, April conditions update and the latest blog stories.

From Skiing to…Gardening?

Ok, so maybe this isn’t too ski related, but every spring, as the snow recedes and the dread of spring cleaning creeps into my life, I dream of having a killer garden. I dream of turning my yard into a … Continue reading

Importance of guide retention at heli ski operations

With the heli ski season winding down the staff start looking at what their options are for the summer. Some will continue with guiding work on mountains, rivers and glaciers, others will resume their summer occupations which ranges from construction … Continue reading

Summer Storage Tips

Winter is over. There, I said it. With the exception of a very small minority of hard chargers who are still finding lines to ski way up and out there somewhere, it’s time to hang up the goggles for another year. … Continue reading

How Big is the Terrain?

During the second week of April, I had a chance to spend some time skiing at Last Frontier Heliskiing. Never having been there before, I was pretty curious to see the single largest heliski tenure in the world and see … Continue reading

Last Frontier April Road Trip

My name is Aurelien Sudan and I have the privilege to work for Last Frontier Heliskiing within the marketing and media department. Although a trip to our heliski lodge in 2015 was never discussed, I was surprised one morning to … Continue reading

Tips for Spring Ski Touring

Spring ski touring is the best touring. Why? Because the alpine snowpack is deep, probably the deepest it’s been all season. The days are longer, allowing you to push well into the evening before breaking out the head lamp. The … Continue reading

The Best Goggles For Spring

Nothing says spring quite like a goggle tan, am I right? It’s all but inevitable if you spend any amount of time shredding slush and toasting an epic season on the best patio in town. The question is, which goggles … Continue reading

Still Wanna Ski? Here’s What’s Open

It’s mid April and your local ski hill is closed. Boo. The chairlifts stand still, silently waiting for next season and you stand bummed, wishing you could ski for just a little while longer. It’s made worse by the fact … Continue reading

A guide to backcountry beverages

Staying hydrated is an all-important step when travelling in the mountains. Heading into the backcountry without water or a means to melt snow isn’t just irresponsible, it’s dangerous. But when planning to spend the night in either a comfortable hut, … Continue reading

Local Favourites: BC Wines To Savour

Whomever invented wine must have been a heli skier. Can you even imagine sitting around a fire after a day of sweet shredding without a glass in your hand? I shudder to think. Fortunately/obviously, both of our lodges are well-equipped … Continue reading


As a skier, every season has a different set of emotions, expectations and experiences. Each change in temperature and weather throughout the year allows us to move and grow with the rhythm of the world around us. Summer is a … Continue reading

Hot tub etiquette

Hot tubs and skiing go together like peanut butter and chocolate. There’s nothing better than kicking back in a vat of scalding liquid after the best day of powder skiing in your life. According to mediocre Hollywood movies, hot tubs … Continue reading

Stewart, BC: The Journey AND The Destination

A couple of years ago I spent a summer living and working in the northern city of Whitehorse, in Canada’s Yukon Territory. When the time came to migrate south for the winter, I decided to take a bit of a … Continue reading

Take Air with Last Frontier Balloon Skiing

Ever since the founding partners established our Heliskiing base at Bell 2 Lodge in 1996, there’s always been a pioneering spirit at Last Frontier Heliskiing. This same spirit saw the opening of Ripley Creek in 2001, the first Heliski Safari … Continue reading