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Getting To Our Lodges

When it comes to backcountry adventure, the key word is remote. The farther you can get from everyone else, the closer you get to absolute solitude, pristine serenity and deep pow stashes for days. We like being off the beaten … Continue reading

Hunt powder on a heli ski safari

Safari [suh-fahr-ee] a journey or expedition, for hunting, exploration, or investigation, especially in eastern Africa. any long or adventurous journey or expedition The very word “safari” conjures up images of pompous colonial aristocrats in khaki suits and pith helmets. But … Continue reading

When is the best time of year to go heliskiing?

There’s an obvious answer to the question of when is the best time of year to go heliskiing: whenever you can. If you’ve only got one shot, however, timing is everything and, in the absence of a crystal ball, choosing … Continue reading

Choosing The Right Heliski Operator

Choosing a heliski operator can be a little overwhelming. Heliskiing is a big investment and the hope is that when you book a trip, you’re booking the trip of a lifetime. Living in a ski town, I often hear stories of … Continue reading

How good do I have to be to go heli skiing?

This is a question that’s posed all the time to heli ski operators. Actions sports movies (and the occasional Bond film) may suggest that heli skiing is only for the elite skiers of this world, but in reality, it couldn’t … Continue reading

The Advantages Of Having Such A Gigantic Tenure

When it comes to talking about the size of our terrain, we don’t mince words. Simply put, Last Frontier has got the largest single heli ski area on the planet. With 9,500 km² (2.2 million acres) of mountain playground at … Continue reading

Social Media – Hubris in the Mountains

There was an article published recently on the Powder Magazine website by The Jaded Local, who is one of my favourite writers out there in the world of action sports, and it was about something he called ‘Hubristics’. In the piece, … Continue reading

From gold miners to powder seekers: A brief history of Stewart, British Columbia

Northern British Columbia is known for its remote and rugged towns and few places can match that description as well as Stewart, B.C. Located on the Alaskan border at the head of the Portland Canal, this town was built on … Continue reading

Our Guides’ Summer Occupations

For half the year, our guides can be found scouting new lines, touring the alpine by helicopter and giving all the high fives around the fire at après ski. It’s not a tough day at the office by any means, … Continue reading

Why Small Group Heliskiing is Best

Heliskiing has always been the holy grail of skiing. It’s the dream trip skiers and riders imagine every time it snows. What would it be like to have a helicopter at your beck and call with just a few friends and … Continue reading

When is the best time to book a heli ski trip?

With spring in the air and longer, sunny days, it’s easy to stop thinking about winter. You may be already planting seedlings in your garden, planning summer camping trips or just relaxing in the sunshine to work off a season’s … Continue reading

Great Things Come In Small, Private Heliskiing Packages

Going big is usually where it’s at. Whether we’re talking about bigger lines, bigger air, or a bigger plate of nachos, size matters. In terms of heli skiing, however, bigger isn’t always better. Compared to a standard package at many … Continue reading