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Life lessons from legendary ski films

Lounging on our couch for a night of old school ski movies, I look around to ensure that the necessary items are present for a successful evening; best friends – check, beer – check, Elk burgers stacked so high that … Continue reading

Living A Full Life – Don’t Risk Your Margins

Risk is something we live with and manage every day. You may not know it, but each day you conduct dozens of risk assessments in your daily existence. There are many examples of this; changing lanes in traffic, crossing the … Continue reading

A Heli Ski Guide’s Daily Routine

Last week I wrote about the infamous Heli Belly and how heli ski guides are afforded the luxury of eating well while working at remote winter heli lodges. They may enjoy buffet breakfasts, four-course dinners, and ski powder every day … Continue reading

5 reasons to go on a heli-skiing trip

Are you sitting at your work desk right now? Are you drinking stale coffee and counting the minutes until you can log-off your computer and make a mad dash for the exit? Do you spend your days dreaming about skiing … Continue reading

The Five Essential Backcountry Items

First, it’s worth mentioning that nothing is essential in the backcountry. You could head into the woods in your underwear and flip flops, relying on perseverance and stubbornness. It will be uncomfortable, but “doable” (unless it’s winter). Nevertheless, most “normal” … Continue reading

Cabin Fever – Working at a Heliski Lodge

There’s no doubting the perks of working at a heliski operation. First and foremost, there are days when you get to go skiing from a helicopter. This is true if you’re a guide, a dispatcher, a server, a cleaner, a … Continue reading

October 2015 Heli Skiing News

October News This month we preview our new heliski video, introduce rates & operational changes for 2017, show off new photos, and check-in with the new Mark McMorris snowboard film |In Motion|.

Heli Belly: Good food within a heliskiing operation

Heli belly [hel-ee bel-ee] noun A rotund mass between the breastbone and the pelvis formed from consuming copious amounts of food at heli ski lodges. Commonly found on heli ski guides in the mid to late winter season.

Glacier Ice – The Facts Behind Vibrant Colors

Winter adventures in the mountains almost always mean white dusted trees and snow-capped mountaintops — but one other color that stands out in the minds of many is the vibrant blue found in glaciers. Ranging from cobalt to dark turquoise, … Continue reading

Fall Reflection – A Skier’s Ritual

There is a lot going on in Canada these days. There’s a federal election next week, the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Team are in the playoffs (no, I’m not lying), hockey season is in full swing, the new season of … Continue reading

Gear advice for ski photography enthusiasts/beginners

The road to becoming successful in the field ski photography is not an easy one. With photography equipment coming down in price and going up in quality ever year, getting a foothold in the ultra-competitive world of ski photography is … Continue reading

The Annual Turkey Trot

I’ve always loved food. It’s probably one of the main reasons I keep returning to Last Frontier Heliskiing. Yes, Yes, the skiing is outstanding, but most importantly for 4 months I get to eat such things as Beef Wellington, served … Continue reading

Top Ski Movie Trailers – 2015 Staff Picks

If there’s one thing that’s in plentiful supply this time of year, it’s ski movie trailers. After a busy season of filming during the 2014/15 winter, film crews from around the world have been slaving away in editing caves for … Continue reading

The Life of a Long Distance Hiker

For the past two winters I’ve worked as a radio operator/transfer coordinator for Last Frontier Heliskiing. I grew up in Jasper, Alberta, which was a perfect place for scrambling pointy things and survival skiing. This is my first post. It was … Continue reading