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The Basics for Winter Camping

Every once in a while we step outside our bubbles and try something new. Why? As the famous Everest climber George Mallory said, “Because it’s there”. Or in this case, because we can. It may seem unpleasant, and for some … Continue reading

How many runs can you get in a day of heli-skiing?

There are many perks to heli-skiing: no lift lines, endless powder turns, and some of the most beautiful views and landscapes you have ever seen. Flying around in a helicopter allows you to dramatically increase the amount of fresh powder … Continue reading

February 2016 News

February News This month we take a look behind the scenes at a recent Ripley Creek photo session, we review February heliski conditions [so far], and consider the allure of late season heli skiing.

Living in Northern, British Columbia – Life in Stewart

In 2005, Last Frontier Heliskiing opened another lodge in Stewart, BC. It’s a place like no-other. Stewart is located at the head of the Portland Canal, in British Columbia. Before the First World War, the town was home to over … Continue reading

Ripley Creek January Photo Adventure

Every Autumn the marketing team at Last Frontier Heliskiing put their heads together to come up with a plan for capturing new photo content. For 2016, we decided to put together a team made up of local photographer Geoff Holman and … Continue reading

Ski boot fitting – Treat your feet with these tips

It’s no secret that snow sports can be uncomfortable for your feet. Ski boots – those bulky hunks of overlapping polyurethane plastic – are the most notorious and have the ability to ruin your day before you’ve even set foot … Continue reading

Camera Gear: What to bring on a heliski trip

When traveling to a remote location for a ski trip, there’s always a list of essentials that you don’t want to forget: boots, skis (provided by us), passport, goggles, clothes, gloves, and your lucky flask. But another piece of gear … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Visit Northern BC

There’s magic in Northern BC, you can feel it as soon as you get up here. It’s a wild place, shrouded in rugged mountains, ancient history and some of the deepest snow in the world. From the mysterious islands of … Continue reading

Best Heliskiing and Heliboarding Destinations

Where should you go on your next heliski trip? What are the most exotic, best heliskiing destinations? It all depends on what you’re seeking. You might be looking for bottomless powder, a refreshing cultural experience, adrenaline-fueled first descents, or simply want … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day: A Skier’s Date

Valentine’s Day – A holiday that many men dread and countless others ignore (or at least try ignore: good luck with that). As with other holidays comes gift giving and date planning, which can be rather daunting for the average … Continue reading

February 2016 Powder Alert

El Nino Snowstorms Blast Last Frontier  213 cm [84 inches] of new snow in 10 days.  388 cm [153 inches] of new snow in the past month.  Massive snow clearing effort underway @ Bell 2 Lodge.  400 cm snowbase at 1,000 meters [3,000 feet] in elevation @ Ripley Creek.

April Heliskiing – Epic and Underrated

Each month in the ski season has its own unique flavour. December and January are stormy and deep. February is about cold smoke and crisp sunshine. March, often considered my many to be the best month of the year, has … Continue reading

The Three Types of Skiing

During my three winters of working for Last Frontier Heliskiing, I’ve realised that there are three types of skiing. There’s Skiing, Skiing, and Skiing. Each are distinct, unique, and clearly different. Wondering if you’ve been lucky enough to have done … Continue reading

How much does Heliskiing cost?

What if skiing could exceed than anything you’ve already experienced? What if fresh tracks were endless and you could ski up to 180,000 vertical feet in just 7 days? What if you got to soar above the clouds in a … Continue reading

Private Heliski Tour – The Ultimate Trip

Wake up, cause today is the day you and three of your friends are going on the ultimate ski trip. First, pack your gear. Then head to the airport. After a quick espresso, you all hop on a flight to Vancouver. … Continue reading