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Becoming a Heliski Guide

Imagine you spent your work days skiing untracked snow, all day, every day, from a helicopter. Not only that, you are the first to drop in every single time, every day, for the entire seasons. Top that off with a … Continue reading

Cost of guided backcountry skiing: Heli vs Cat vs Guided Ski Touring

If you regularly read this blog you are likely already aware of the attraction of backcountry skiing; landing on a remote peak to ski an untouched glacier, surfing bottomless powder through perfectly-spaced trees, topping out on a ridge and taking … Continue reading

Perceptions and Discussions of the Term “Wilderness”

Recently I asked a question on my Facebook page, what does the term wilderness mean to you? It’s a term that’s commonly thrown about in regards to the great outdoors, but what does it actually refer to? Can we drive … Continue reading

3 Books That Will Get You Amped To Travel

There’s nothing better than going on an trip. It doesn’t even have to be a long trip. Sure, I get excited about a big mountain mission or even better, going away somewhere for months at a time, but even the … Continue reading

5 classic ski photography shot styles

As much as both skiing and photography have both changed over the last century, at the end of the day it’s still the same formula – capturing the best moments on skis.  That’s always been the difference to film, where … Continue reading

Safety at Last Frontier Heliskiing

Before working at Last Frontier Heliskiing, I had no idea what was involved in operating the resort. We’re four hours away from the nearest town and everything has to be well planned, organised, and precise. If we run out of … Continue reading

Warm Feet – True Winter Bliss

I love to ski. Anytime, anywhere. Deep pow? Sure. Groomers? Absolutely. Terrible melt freeze conditions? Why not? Skiing is almost always better than anything else. But there are a few things about skiing that I struggle with and one of … Continue reading

How to buy ski goggles

One of the pieces of gear that I would classify as being in the “Turn the car around, I forgot my ____” category are my ski goggles. Without these handy pieces of foam and plastic my eyes are exposed to … Continue reading

What Are Helicopters Get Up To During the Summer

While winter is long in Canada, the season for heli-skiing is short. Careful! If you blink too fast, you might just miss it! The ski season runs from mid-December to April, with the peak being in February and March. Not … Continue reading

Summer Hiking – Tips For Your Walk In The Woods

Hiking isn’t often on my list of things to do. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve done a lot of hiking. But most of it has been out of necessity; a long approach to a rock climb, a hike to a … Continue reading

Ski Travel Insurance: Shred with Peace of Mind

Travelling for skiing is one of the most exciting parts of the culture. Hitting the road or catching a plane to a ski area or backcountry operation across the continent (or the world) will likely be a highlight of the … Continue reading

Bell 2 Lodge – How We Operate Remotely

I will never forget the first time I saw Bell 2. It was December and late at night. Or at least it felt late, being so far north the daylight hours are short, so what probably felt like midnight was … Continue reading

Five Misconceptions About Heliskiing

We get questions all the time. About the snow, the lodges, the food, the guides; you name it, we get questions about it. And so it should be. We’re here to answer those questions with some useful answers. But a few … Continue reading

Animal Kingdom: The Wildlife of Northern BC

The further north one travels in BC, the more wild it gets. This applies for not only to the landscape, but to the wildlife. As the pockets of human habitation become more and more sparse, the belts of animal migration become … Continue reading