Monthly Archives: September 2016

The “Local Spots” in Stewart

Stewart, located in northeastern British Columbia has a bright and colorful history. It’s a boom-bust town, with stories of miners striking it rich or losing it all throughout the ages. Today, Stewart is quieter as the mining industry has slowed, … Continue reading

September 2016 Heliski News

WEATHER Outlook 2016/17 A few months ago forecasters were predicting a strong La Ni·ña weather pattern for British Columbia. This has since been reduced to a mild La Ni·ña system. The good news is that La Ni·ña winters are the … Continue reading

The Waiting Time – Prepping for the Ski Season

Patience is a virtue. At least that’s what I have always been told. But this time of year is tough. Waiting for the coming ski season can be brutal. Don’t get me wrong, fall is a magical time of year … Continue reading

Ski and Snowboard Camber and Rocker Explained

Pick up a ski or snowboard from a shelf these days and you’ll likely be bombarded with terms such as camber, rocker and early rise. The thing is, these are all pretty much the same thing. When ski companies design … Continue reading

The Ultimate Base Layer for Hitting the Powder Slopes

The British author Alfred Wainwright once said, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. Dressing oneself has never been easy, whether its for a wedding, or down to the corner shop for a pickled egg. I’m 27 years … Continue reading

Smithers – An Epic Pit Stop On The Way To Last Frontier Heliskiing

Named one of North America’s best secret ski towns by National Geographic, Smithers sits on the Bulkley River in one of the most pristine areas of Northern BC. Located along the famous Yellowhead Highway Route 16, halfway between Prince George … Continue reading

La Niña Lite en route to 2016-17 winter season in Northern BC

I generally don’t pay much attention to longer term weather forecasts. When I see headlines in the middle of summer informing me that my local ski area is going to see  120% of its average snowfall during the upcoming winter … Continue reading

Wax – Yes It’s Important

No, not your legs. In this case I’m talking about waxing your skis or boards. For whatever reason, waxing is something that people often neglect. Much like your boots (which if neglected will turn your ski boots into torture chambers), … Continue reading

The Benefits of Heli Skiing in Small Groups of 4 Guests

Signs of Fall are upon us in British Columbia. Leaves have started turning and many ski resorts have reported their first snowfalls of the season. The yearly seasonal change-over is considerably earlier than normal. Case in point, even the local … Continue reading

Summer activities – it ain’t over

September always seems to have a bit of melancholy surrounding it. The air is cooler with shorter days. Kids begin their long trudge back to school. Summer activities have written their final chapter before we move into the long, wet … Continue reading

A Guide to Smithers: The Paris of the North

My friends have always called me picky, and in many regards, there’re probably right. I grew up in the Rockies Mountains of Alberta, one of the best places (in my opinion) to live in Canada. There’re few that can rival … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Ski

It’s tough buying skis these days. There’s just too much choice; skinny, fat, super fat, reverse camber, traditional camber, big mountain, all mountain, park, race, jib…it’s getting crazy. Plus there are more manufacturers now than ever, from the big companies to … Continue reading

Just how far is Bell 2?

There’s a reason why our company is named Last Frontier Heliskiing. It’s far – really far – from most of the urban population centers in British Columbia. But the remoteness of the Bell 2 Lodge is part of its’ charm. … Continue reading

The Ultimate Backcountry Music Playlist

As I’m sure both managers of the Bell 2 Lodge and Ripley Creek at Last Frontier Heliskiing can attest to, our director Mike Watling is fanatic about two (lets just pretend its two…) things: Lighting and Music. Periodically throughout the … Continue reading