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5 Tips for Safer Tree Skiing

Powder skiing is fun. Tree skiing is fun. Skiing powder in the trees? That’s just awesome. One of British Columbia’s biggest skiing attractions is the feeling you get bouncing from pillow to pillow, swatting snow-ladened  branches with a triumphant fist … Continue reading

How to Survive the Journey to Your Destination

Lets face it, traveling isn’t always pleasant. Although the author T.S Eliot meant well with his popular quote, “It’s the journey, not the destination that matters,” he obviously had never been on a jumbo jet. The food is plastic and the plane … Continue reading

Pushing the Limits – Balancing Risk in the Backcountry

Is there anything better than laying down fresh turns on a snow covered peak far removed from the hustle and lineups of a ski resort? Well, maybe doing it from a helicopter is better…but getting up there on your own … Continue reading

Gloves or Mitts for Skiing?

Every winter when the mercury dips into truly Canadian temperatures, a topic of great debate ensues: should I wear gloves or mitts for skiing? Everyone has their own answer to this age old question. Mitts are warmer but look like … Continue reading

60 Days to Xmas – What to put in a Skier’s Stocking

I had a mild panic attack when I wrote “60 days to Xmas”. Sigh. I have many gifts to buy for friends and family, so I better get started. If you’re still wondering what to get as a stocking stuffer … Continue reading

A Skier’s Journey – The Final Season

As skiers, all of us are on a journey. On the surface, it’s the search for deep, untracked snow. But if you dig a little deeper, skiing becomes a way to move through the terrain of life, seeking out the … Continue reading

Hobbyist Drone Options – What’s hot this season

Drones are hot right now. What was just a few years ago a piece of specialized flying video equipment has now trickled down to consumers, with affordable options for every level of drone hobbyist. Whether you’re looking to record aerial video … Continue reading

Beyond a Ski Trip at Last Frontier Heliskiing – A Foodies Holiday

Most guests at Last Frontier Heliskiing discover that the food is beyond what they were expecting. When booking a heli-skiing vacation, people usually choose solely on the snow quality, type of terrain, and snow pack, thus food becomes an afterthought. … Continue reading

October 2016 Heliski News

NEW: HELISKI VIDEO Above & Beyond – The Teaser Soar high above the majestic Coast and Skeena Mountains in our latest video – Above & Beyond. In March 2016, pro skiers Jen Hudak and Callum Pettit traveled to the edge … Continue reading

Even Bigger – Heliski Area Expanded for 2017

In a heliski operation, flexibility is key. If you only offer high alpine skiing, for instance, it’s great for sunny days, but in weather it’s a problem. Storm skiing is something that a lot of operations just don’t have that … Continue reading

Top Weekend Ski Touring Destinations in BC

While a heli-ski trip may be the ultimate powder experience, self-propelled ski touring does have its merits. Namely, it costs relatively little and you can do it every weekend. British Columbia is home to some of the best ski touring … Continue reading

Help Wanted: Last Frontier Heliskiing

I will never forget my job interview for Last Frontier Heliskiing. I applied for various heliskiing outfits in 2013, such as CMH and Mike Wiegele and heard nothing. Eventually I got a phone call from Franz Fux, one of the … Continue reading

Hottest big budget ski films of the season

T’is the season for fall ski movie premieres and there’s no better way to build anticipation for pow shredding  than to watch pro skiers do rad stuff in front of a camera. But in the age of YouTube, a bunch of … Continue reading