COVID-19 Guidelines

Safety has always been our main priority. This year COVID – 19 is another layer of risk that we are preparing for. There are certain aspects of our operation that will look and feel different. We have analysed the risks of transmission at all stages of a heliski trip. Our plan is to minimise these risks as it is impossible to eliminate them entirely.

As we can only sensibly guess what the COVID – 19 landscape will look like in January, February and March. We have produced the following guidelines as exactly that, a guide.

Our goal is to have clear, simple, easy to understand and easy to follow rules-of-engagement. That way we can concentrate 99% of our efforts on skiing and having a good time.

Once we get closer to the season operating protocols will be finalised. They may be more stringent or they may be more relaxed than these guidelines. We will gracefully require your total co-operation. If you are one of those people that doesn’t like to follow rules or who likes to debate them then please consider not coming.


All guests will be required to supply their own face coverings, preferably N95 or tight fitting cloth masks. Bandannas or thin buffs are not considered adequate masks. Masks will be worn in all locations where physical distancing is not possible [i.e. bootroom, bus / vans, helicopter, or confined spaces on the lodge property].


On arrival at Terrace Airport all guests and staff will be subject to a temperature scan and / or COVID-19 screening. Masks will be mandatory for the duration of the 4.5 hour bus ride to and from Bell 2 Lodge. Maximum seating capacity for the bus is 54 and we regularly expect 40+ people on each transfer.

Lodge Facilities & Guest Accommodation

All lodge facilities and common spaces are regularly sanitized according to standards set by British Columbia Health Authorities. Guest rooms will be cleaned and sanitized prior to guest arrival. There will be no housekeeping for the duration of their stay. The Sauna and Fitness Center will be closed. Hot tub and morning stretch class capacity will be limited and may require reservation. All massages are to be pre-booked. There will be a COVID friendly meal and apres ski scene.

Ski Program

Wherever possible, all guests will be divided into cohorts and have the same guides/helicopter for the duration of their stay. Each cohort will likely consist of up to 12 guests, 3 guides and 1 pilot. Masks will be mandatory in the helicopter at all times.

COVID Symptoms – Action Plan

If a guest or staff member shows COVID symptoms, they will immediately be removed from the ‘general population’ at Bell 2 until such time as they do not show symptoms.


Refund / Cancellation Policy

Last Frontier reserves the right to cancel any heliski tour at any time. A full refund will be given (or a portion thereof if the trip has already commenced).

Covid or non-Covid related: Last Frontier Heliskiing is not responsible for any costs outside of your heliski package (e.g. flights, hotels, meals, additional transportation etc.)

Name changes are permitted at no cost.

COVID-19 Clause

A COVID-19 cancellation request must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. A government imposed border closure or advisory against non-essential travel that prevents you from leaving your home province or from entering British Columbia.
  2. If you have tested positive for COVID-19, or come into close contact with someone who tested positive, within two weeks prior to your trip start date.

Positive test must be corroborated by submitting an official test result for yourself or the person you have come into close contact with.

Any cancellation request outside of the above COVID-19 clauses including injury and sickness will not be considered as part of our 2021 COVID-19 exclusion. Consider purchasing trip cancellation / interruption / medical insurance to cover those risks.

Should you have to cancel your 2021 heliski trip as part of our COVID 19 clause after your balance payment has been made, you have the following two options:

  1. Move your entire payment to the 2022 season and receive a 25% discount off our 2022 rates for a new booking subject to availability.
  2. Receive a full refund.

The same options apply if Last Frontier Heliskiing has to cancel the 2021 season or part thereof.

Final Payments

As soon as you make your final payment your deposit will become non-refundable.

Balance Payments

Balance payments are due 10-Nov. Do not be late. We have a (very) active waitlist of skiers wanting your seat. Your deposit will be retained and your booking cancelled if there is no active two-way communication with our office by 10-Nov.

All credit card payments must be received via our online payment portal Flywire and are subject to a 2% surcharge.

To avoid the 2% charge payments can be made via e-transfer to and must include your Name and Tour Code as a reference. Note that the daily transfer limit is $3000 and that the whole amount must be received by 10-Nov.

The Small Print

Vertical Refunds

In the event that your vertical meter guarantee is not reached because of bad weather that prevents us from flying or because of mechanical breakdown (these are the only two reasons for a refund), we will refund you CAD $87.50 / 1,000m. No refund is given, in whole or in part, for unused days or transportation, resulting from late arrival or early departure. If you do not ski at all one day, for whatever reason, or if you decide to stop skiing early one day and you do not reach your guaranteed vertical footage, there will be no refund.

Additional Skiing

If you ski more than the vertical meters guaranteed in your package, extra skiing is charged at CAD $175 / 1,000m. Costs for additional skiing are charged only to guests who decide to ski over the guaranteed vertical meters included in their tour. Guests are informed on a daily basis of their vertical meters skied and can therefore make an informed decision whether or not they want to continue skiing. Skiing on your last day ends at 2pm.

Liability Waiver

Each participant will be required to sign a Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement before being allowed to ski or snowboard with us. See sample waiver.

Loyalty Program

The Last Frontier Heliskiing Loyalty Program is suspended for the 2021 season.