Canadian Heliski: Summer Operations

December 07, 2011 Last Frontier Heliskiing

Helicopter skiing and Heli Boarding are two of the best uses of time the human mind has come up with. When Hans Gmoser invented heliskiing in BC in the 1950’s, he really had a great thing going, and built the foundations of an industry that continues to grow throughout the world. The only question remains for many, what to do when the snow runs out in the Spring? Fortunately, the creative and adventurous minds that run the heli lodges of the world are at work here too, and are always coming up with new ways to play.

The list is long and varied for summer operations out of heli lodges, and is most often highlighted by such obvious mainstays as heli-hiking, heli mountain biking, and helicopter accessed glacier tours. There is nothing quite like getting dropped off in the mountains with a few good friends, a guide and your mountain bikes, and riding secluded single track in the secluded wilderness that is literally all yours for the entire day. Then, rather than in the hustle and bustle of downhill mountain bike parks, where you’re fighting for space on every trail, it’s up and down, lap after lap, all by yourselves and with no time wasted walking, biking, driving, or riding a chairlift uphill.

The more creative minds in the industry have stepped outside the box to deliver products of a different nature entirely. Heli fishing, heli golfing, and heli-accessed weddings are just some of the adventures available. The latter is obviously one of the more expensive ways to be betrothed, but would be quite a special occasion, sharing one of life’s most important days with the love of your life and some very close-knit family and friends. The location possibilities are virtually endless, and exchanging vows on the shores of some glacier fed lake only accessible by helicopter would definitely be unforgettable.

Canadian Heliski: Summer Operations
Summertime at Bell 2 Lodge – Home of Last Frontier Heliskiing, Photo credit: Clarke Action Photography

Whatever pursuits the summer time helicopter adventurer chooses to focus on, rest assured it will be fun. And if summer’s really not your thing, there’s always the option of heading south for a few weeks of Heliskiing in New Zealand or Chile/Argentina. They’re definitely no strangers themselves to great snow and weather, and welcome the snow-starved North American skiing populace with open arms and bright smiles.

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