Living the Deep

Pow for days.  Photo - Steve Rosset

Pow for days.
Photo – Steve Rosset

It’s been snowing a lot in Northern BC. Not an unusual thing, really, considering it’s one of the snowiest places in the world. In fact, it’s been snowing a lot everywhere in BC this winter. But there are few places where that snow makes for some real magic but one of those is the town of Stewart. This former mining town of less than 500 people sits at sea level on the north end of the 72km long Portland Canal, which isn’t a canal at all, but one of the longest fjords in North America. Continue reading

Heliskiing Update – Ripley Creek is Ripping!

Some of the terrain at Ripley Creek.  Photo - Andre Ike

Some of the terrain at Ripley Creek.
Photo – Andre Ike

At Last Frontier Heliskiing, we operate out of two distinct locations in our heliski area in Northern BC. Bell 2 Lodge, our purpose built heliskiing facility, sits right in the middle of our 10,200 square kilometre heliski area, or tenure, on the Stewart Cassiar Highway. This year the season at Bell 2 opened on December 15th. But we do have a second location that just opened last week. The Ripley Creek Inn, located in the frontier town of Stewart, BC, sits on the border of BC and Southeast Alaska. It’s at the southern end of our tenure and comprises a bit of a different feel from Bell 2 Lodge. Continue reading

Bell 2 Lodge – Winter is in Full Swing

The skiing has been awesome.  Photo - Steve Rosset

The skiing has been awesome.
Photo – Steve Rosset

We’re well into winter now at Bell 2 Lodge and so far it’s been a good one. Lots of British Columbia has seen a regular storm cycle the last few weeks and Northern BC has been no exception. We’ve had some steady, regular storms with minimal down time for our guests. Continue reading

January Heliskiing Conditions Report

One of our guides leading the charge.  Photo - Cliff Umpleby

One of our guides leading the charge.
Photo – Cliff Umpleby

It’s been a great month so far at Last Frontier Heliskiing. We’ve had a little less snow than usual, but it’s the skiing and riding have been consistent the last three weeks, with minimal down time from weather. Continue reading

Safety at Last Frontier Heliskiing

We stay safe so we, and you, can do this.  Photo - Caton Garvie

We stay safe so we, and you, can do this.
Photo – Caton Garvie

Running a heliski operation is about a lot of things, but they all pale in comparison to safety. Keeping our guests and staff safe, be it in the mountains, in the helicopters or walking around our lodges is our number one priority. Every year and really, every day, our guides, pilots and staff are always looking at how we can be more efficient and safer in our operation. But the foundation of that comes from a few key areas. Continue reading

2019 Last Frontier Heliskiing Prices

Clear skies made flying a breeze in the late season.

Powder hunting.
Photo – Mike Watling

We’re well into our heliski season here at Last Frontier Heliskiing but as with anything, it never hurts to look ahead. We’ve just released our pricing for next season and it’s worth taking a look at a few details. Continue reading

Week 1 & 2 Heliskiing Report

Silky, light snow last week at Bell 2.  Photo - Cliff Umpleby

Silky, light snow last week at Bell 2.
Photo – Cliff Umpleby

December has always been one of the best months to ski in Northern BC. At Last Frontier Heliskiing, we usually have a good month. November and early December tend to produce a lot of snow and by the time we’re ready to open, which was on December 15th this year, we’ve got a good base and there’s some good skiing to be had. Heliskiing this time of year also takes on a little holiday cheer. The skiing is good, the vibe at the lodge is chill and the first couple of weeks of operations are just plain easy to experience. Continue reading

Last Frontier Heliskiing Guide’s Training

Getting a little December shred on.  Photo - Cliff Umpleby

One of our guides getting a little December shred on.
Photo – Cliff Umpleby

It’s a pretty magical time of the year. The holidays are upon us and the first group of guests for the 2017-18 Last Frontier Heliskiing season are hooting and hollering their way through our first week of operations. A lot goes into getting ready for a heliski season, but the last week before we open is particularly busy, with lodge and maintenance staff doing some annual training, refreshers and getting the operation ready. But for the guides and the pilots, it’s a time to hone and re-new their craft and their passion for the mountains over a week of intense training to start the season. Continue reading

A Typical Day At Last Frontier Heliskiing

Rolling through a typical day. Photo - Grant Gunderson

Rolling through a typical day. Photo – Grant Gunderson

We welcomed first guests of the season on December 15th and our staff is hard at work fine tuning the day to day activities to keep everything running smoothly. So what can you expect as a guest at Last Frontier Heliskiing? What does a typical day look like? We get asked this question a lot and it’s a great one because as you’ll see, there’s lots to a day of heliskiing, and there are options to make it what you want. Continue reading

Should New Skis Be Tuned?

It's always fun to be on your skis.  Photo - Dave Silver

It’s always fun to be on your skis.
Photo – Dave Silver

New ski day. Is there anything better? I love buying new skis. I love bringing them home that first evening and setting them in the living room, in plain view, so I can gaze at them, letting visions of deep snow and even deeper turns fill my head. But one question people often ask is this: are new skis good to go, right out of the box? Should you do anything to the skis before taking them out for a rip? There are different schools of thought on this and different skis require different treatment but for the most part, it is better for you and for the ski if they have some work done to them before going skiing. A little wax, a little de tuning of the tips and tails and possibly even a base grind (especially in the case of a really wide ski) can go a long way to making those first few turns on your new skis extra special. Continue reading

November 2017 Heliski News

November Heliski News BC, Canada
Episode 3: Terrain
One of the many advantages of having the largest single heliski area in the world is that we’ve got an incredible mix of terrain. Spanning over two mountain ranges, our area encompasses everything from wide open alpine bowls, to massive glacier zones and a huge variety of tree skiing. There is something for everyone. When storm systems arrive, our easily accessible treed terrain allows us to keep skiing even in poor visibility. Continue reading

The Skier’s Gift Guide

ski vacation

Photo – Reuben Krabbe

It’s that magical time of the year and no, I don’t mean Christmas, although we can make that part of the celebration, too. It’s ski season, folks! Resorts are opening across the world and skiers of all ages and abilities are rejoicing that the best time of year has finally come. Up in our neck of the woods, the wilds of Northern BC, we’ve been getting a lot snow. All that rain that fell on Southern BC last week? Up north it’s been snow. So things are looking pretty good for our December 15th opening. Ski season is always something to celebrate. So given that it happens just before the holidays each year, and because we know you’re always thinking about getting your fellow skiers gifts, we thought we’d put together some of our favourite gift ideas for those of us that like to spend our leisure time on snowy mountains. Continue reading

Last Frontier Heliskiing: The Terrain

Nicely spaced, old growth forest. Bliss.  Photo - Reuben Krabbe

Nicely spaced, old growth forest. Bliss.
Photo – Reuben Krabbe

People often ask us what our terrain is like. The simple answer to that is endless. Last Frontier Heliskiing is tucked deep into the Coast and Skeena Mountains of Northern British Columbia. In this vast wilderness of glaciers, alpine peaks, old growth forests and mountain creeks is some of the most varied ski terrain in BC. Averaging between 20 and 25 metres of snow each winter, with a heliski area that spans some 10,100 square kilometres, Last Frontier Heliskiing offers just about every type of option for skiing from a helicopter you could imagine. So endless is the short answer. The longer answer is versatility and flexibility.

Continue reading

When to visit Last Frontier Heliskiing?

Whenever you decide to come, chances are good that you'll get some of this.  Photo - Grant Gunderson

Whenever you decide to come, chances are good that you’ll get some of this.
Photo – Grant Gunderson

When should I come heliskiing? This is probably the most frequently asked questions for every heliski company in the world. At Last Frontier Heliskiing we run from mid December (this year we open December 15th) right through the third week of April. The short answer to this big question is come anytime during the season. There’s epic skiing to be had all winter long. The more detailed answer is to look at each month individually, because all of them are a little different and offer their own unique flavour. Continue reading

The Advantages of a Road Through our Heliski Area

Photo - Reuben Krabbe

Big country. Photo – Reuben Krabbe

We often get asked why we chose to open a heliski operation in the remote reaches of Northern BC. In fact, we’ve written a whole post on it here. In that post, we explain what went into choosing our current heliski area. You know, things like the fact we get 25 metres of snow each year, have some of the longest vertical runs in BC or it’s the single largest heliski area on earth. All of those things give us huge versatility and adaptability in our operation. But another advantage we seldom discuss which plays a significant role in our operation is we have a major road running right through the middle of it our heliski area.
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