Know Before You Go – A Message About Going In The Backcountry

The backcountry is a wonderful and dangerous place. As soon as you leave the relative safety of the ski resort, there is an increase in risk. Over the last five years we’ve seen more and more folks heading out of bounds in that never ending search that skiers and riders know so well; the search for deep, untracked turns away from the crowds. But the mountain environment is never to be taken lightly. There are myriad risks out there that don’t exist in your local resort. Nor is there the safety net of being with a trained and qualified guide in a heliski or ski touring operation. Continue reading

November 2015 News

Last Frontier Heliskiing - May NewsNovember News
New developments this month include the launch of our brand new 2016 promo video, a look at why you should consider January for heli-skiing, and the latest pre-season snow updates.
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4 Easy Backcountry repair tips

As advanced as the backcountry equipment has become, no piece of equipment will last forever. Gear can and will wear out gradually over many seasons, or if loaded in a certain way, break well before its lifetime has elapsed. With these few backcountry repair tips, potential trip-ending mishaps can be fixed without putting an end to your trip.

backcountry repair tips

Some useful items for a backcountry ski repair kit | photo by

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20 Years of Heli Skiing: Our Best Images

Freedom - in black and white | Dave Silver

Freedom – in black and white | Dave Silver

These days, calling something “the best” is all over the Internet. “The best mountain bike video”, “the best places to vacation”, “the best spots to hit up after a long night on the town” – but what really makes something or someplace the best? In the end, it all comes down to a matter of opinion – either from one specific person or from a collaborative group. And since it is truly impossible to accurately define “the best shots” from our archives, we have compiled a gallery of some of our “favorite shots” taken thus far during Last Frontier Heli’s 20 years of adventures. So take a break from your  work, grab a cup of coffee, kick your feet up and enjoy some of “the best” photos of Last Frontier Heli history…
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What Other People Say – Heliskiing Reviews

This is why you go heliskiing.  Photo - Randy Lincks

This is why you go heliskiing.
Photo – Randy Lincks

It can be difficult to choose a heliski operator. Here in BC, we’ve got some of the best operations to choose from and it can be hard to sort out who’s who by looking at company websites. At Last Frontier Heliskiing, we stand by what we do. And there’s no better way to see that than going to the folks who really know what it’s like to come heliskiing with us for a week: our guests.  Continue reading

Hitting the Refresh button with early season skiing

Winter anticipation is at an all time high this time of year. Snow lines are creeping into the valleys, resorts are boasting their coverage with marketing imagery and people are purchasing the gear they need to get shred-ready. Early season skiing is on everyone’s minds.

early season skiing Metal Dome Whistler

Room with a view from Metal Dome | Photo Vince Shuley

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Is Gore-Tex® still the technology to beat?

Winter is coming | Steve Rosset

Winter is coming | Steve Rosset

As the snow begins to fall and winter storms start lining up, the excitement for the upcoming ski/snowboard season builds all over the world. And although we all love those light, fluffy snowflakes, many times storms bring in wet, heavy powder – and if you don’t have the proper equipment to keep you dry, a day of free refills could quickly be cut short by being completely soaked – all the way down to your skivvies. Let’s be honest, a plastic garbage bag with strategically cut armhole and head cutouts on top of your regular ski clothes would be your best option for staying dry – but for the more fashion-conscious folks, let’s take a closer look at whether Gore-Tex® is still the most waterproof and breathable technology on the market.
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Planet Snow – A Short Film By Last Frontier Heliskiing

Miss Dyer enjoying the steep and deep.  Photo: Grant Gunderson

Ms. Dyer enjoying the steep and deep.
Photo: Grant Gunderson

At Last Frontier Heliskiing, we pride ourselves on our terrain. It’s at the heart of what we do. To showcase that terrain, each winter we pick a week, well in advance, and send a couple of athletes, a photographer and a filmmaker to spend a week doing what we do all winter long: shred pow in some of the most remote mountains on earth. It’s a challenge to organize, and every year it’s a different week, so we never know what we’re going to get in terms of weather and snow. But that’s the kicker; we want them to see what you’ll see.
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Why Heliski in January?

January. There’s something about ticking over into the New Year that gets us stoked for skiing. Family obligations (or occupation obligations if you happen to work in the service industry) over the holiday period are now in the rear view mirror. All you need to look forward to now is January turns.

Early Season Heliskiing Last Frontier

Good sir, would you be kind enough to pass me that snorkel? | Photo Dave Silver

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Working in the Outdoor Industry – Pros and Cons

The view from my office last February.  | Shannon Skouras

The view from my office last February. | Shannon Skouras

Jobs vary in the Outdoor Industry – some are office-based, others are in the field and a select few are pretty much split right down the middle. I went from a desk job at Full Speed Ahead (FSA – a bicycle components brand) where I was in the office 8-5, commuting to work and only having weekends to adventure to the career I hold now – where I work 7 days a week but split my time 50/50 between my home office and the outdoors (and I get to make my own schedule – SCORE!). Although there are thousands of jobs and careers within this industry, I can only pull from my own experiences – so this week, I give you my own personal pros and cons of working in the ever changing, insanely competitive world of the outdoor industry.
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Not Keen on the Bus? 5 Adventures Ways to Reach our Lodges

We provide our guests with a 4 hour shuttle from the airport to our lodges. Allowing you to relax and enjoy the scenery, while munching on lunch (need I say more?). Nevertheless,  some may want a more adventurous option. Here are five ways to do so:

1. Air
Float Plane

Last winter guests arrived via float plane to the harbour in Stewart from Prince Rupert. Skimming over the water and dancing among mountains – the flight is incredible. You can book a chartered flight from Prince Rupert (Inland Air Charters), leaving right from the domestic airport or take the weekly mail plane from Ketchikan, Alaska (Taquanair) for under $200. Flights arrive daily to Ketchikan from Seattle and Anchorage as do ferries from Bellingham, Juneau, Prince Rupert, and Skagway. Why not make the holiday a little more memorable and arrive to Last Frontier Heliskiing in style?

| The Globe and Mail

Among the Clouds | The Globe and Mail

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New for 2017 – Heliski in Groups of 4

Can't wait... Photo - Reuben Krabbe

Groups of 4 mean more skiing for everyone…
Photo – Reuben Krabbe

There’s over a metre of snow at 1400m in Ripley Creek. Winter has arrived! Thank god, because I don’t know about you, but I have a hankering to go skiing. At Last Frontier Heliskiing, we’re neck deep in our pre-season preparation and we’re hoping for another awesome year in the far reaches of Northern BC. While there have been a few small changes for this year we wanted to take this opportunity to announce one of our most exciting changes for next year. Sure, it’s a year away, but we’re stoked to let you know that we will be going to groups of 4 skiers for 2017Small group heliskiing has always been one of the cornerstones of our operations. We are all about maximizing your time out there and we feel that moving from groups of 5 to groups of 4 has some major advantages. Continue reading

Planet Snow: Shooting at Last Frontier Heliskiing

Over the past five years, Last Frontier Heliskiing has been putting together annual film trips to showcase the reliable snow conditions and huge variety of skiing terrain that we are renowned for. These weeklong trips are scheduled far in advance, as it takes time to round up photographers, videographers and athletes. All our films have been shot at different times of the season, and thus give  a realistic idea of what a typical heli skiing week would be like at Bell 2 Lodge or Ripley Creek. In February, 2015, photographer Grant Gunderson and professional skiers Lynsey Dyer and Josh Daiek joined us for a week of heliskiing at the Bell 2 Lodge and Ripley Creek.  Videographer Grant Baldwin was also on the trip to shoot our latest promotional film Planet Snow

Getting Deep with Dyer and Daiek at Last Frontier Heliskiing

Shooting photos from the heli gives an intrigueing perspective on the landscape | Photo Grant Gunderson

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Life lessons from legendary ski films

A "serious" selfie | Reuben Krabbe

A “serious” selfie | Reuben Krabbe

Lounging on our couch for a night of old school ski movies, I look around to ensure that the necessary items are present for a successful evening; best friends – check, beer – check, Elk burgers stacked so high that it is physically impossible to get your mouth around it – check, and apples (so that my roommate doesn’t die of scurvy) – check. The movies on deck? French ski movie trilogy Apocalypse Snow and the ever-memorable Blizzard of Aaahs. Why are we watching these movies, you ask? With Halloween just around the corner, we needed a spark, some inspiration from the past – and the spirit guides of these classic flicks were sure to be the answer to our prayers. After surviving the night with only a few minor injuries (sore abs from laughing and a stubbed toe – not related) I bring to you the two most important life lessons that I learned from a night spent with these legendary ski films. Read on, if you dare.

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Living A Full Life – Don’t Risk Your Margins

Risk is something we live with and manage every day. You may not know it, but each day you conduct dozens of risk assessments in your daily existence. There are many examples of this; changing lanes in traffic, crossing the street or stepping out of a wet bathtub. There are other, less tangible examples as well. Maybe it’s asking someone out for the first time or applying for a new job. While most of this stuff seems benign, it isn’t. Assessing risk is part of our everyday lives and a necessary part of existence.

Even sitting around a fire is not without risk.  Photo - Caton Garvie

Even sitting around a fire is not without risk.
Photo – Caton Garvie

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