With a serious focus on heli boarding and helicopter skiing in Canada, we host guests from all walks of life to share in our passion for powder in an informal setting.

Heli Skiing

We’ve spent well over two decades crafting the perfect heliskiing formula: small groups, nimble helicopters and two lodges with access to 10,100 square km of prime Canadian wilderness.

Having the largest single heli ski area in the world means that we have a vast array of terrain choices. Spanning two distinct mountain ranges, our tenure encompasses everything from towering alpine peaks to massive glaciers and a huge variety of tree skiing.

At Last Frontier, less is more. Heliskiing in intimate groups of just four, we’re able to maximize our time exploring the mountains. It doesn’t just mean you get your own fresh lines, although that’s always the goal, it means you’re more likely to be skiing or riding at a pace that’s right for you.

Why Small Groups?

  • Small Group
    • You need only 3 friends to make a group of 4. Easy.
    • Higher likelihood of similar group ability level.
    • Small helicopters can access more terrain given their smaller footprint.
    • Less ski tracks = more space & freedom.
    • Less waiting = more skiing.
    • 1 guide per 4 guests = good.
  • Big Groups
    • Finding 10 friends to come heliskiing is not so easy.
    • More difficult to group similar ability levels.
    • Bigger helicopters need more space to land and take off, so have less access to terrain.
    • More tracks = less space for skiing.
    • More waiting = less skiing
    • 1 guide per 10 or 11 guests = not so good

— One of the classic runs.

— Real deep in the trees.

— The Rooster.

— The mellow end to a run - ready for pick-up.

— We ski in one of the largest glaciated areas in Canada.

— In poor visibility, we head for the trees.

— The helicopter can land in small clearings.

— Heli drop in the alpine.

— Wide open glacier skiing.

— Taking in the sunrise.

Heli Boarding

Despite the fact skiers are in the majority at both our bases, we welcome heli boarders with open arms, high fives and the chance to let your imagination lead the way. Several guides are snowboarders and will guide on their boards. Others ski and snowboard. So in short, we get it. You don’t want to be traversing and you don’t want long run outs. Our guides understand the subtleties in terrain that riders are seeking.

— Note tracks in background....

— Wide open playground.

— Pilots make sure they have a good time too..

— Plenty of time for photos.

— Collapsable poles are sometimes a good idea.

— Endless riding.

— The glades reward with open space and good quality snow.

— Natural features abound.

— Deep in the trees.

— Oooh yeah...

Transition Zones

Some of Last Frontier’s backcountry runs include sections of terrain which require heads-up heliboarding as steep pitches flatten out and drop again. Look ahead, anticipate your need for speed and follow the guide’s lead. At times it’s necessary for snowboarders to wait for skiers to set a track so they can more easily get through transition zones from alpine to sub-alpine pitches.

Choice of Snowboard

Bigger isn’t necessarily better. Choose a snowboard that will work in all conditions as you can expect a little of everything. The general rule of thumb for riding powder is that you want a snowboard with a longer nose and slightly tapered tail to help you float.

Our Snowboard Fleet

A limited number of snowboards are available for your use at the lodge. You will need to bring your own boots. View our lineup of powder boards and please contact us before you travel to check availability.

Vertical Drop Guarantee

At Last Frontier, we guarantee a set amount of vertical meters based on the length of your trip. Simply put, you pay for what you ski. In our opinion, this is the best value and overall experience for heli-skiing.

In the event that your vertical guarantee is not reached because of bad weather that prevents us from flying or because of mechanical breakdown [these are the only two reasons for a refund], we will provide a refund for the vertical not skied. Should you choose to ski or ride more, additional vertical charges will be made. The rate for extra vertical is the same as the rate for refunded vertical. The amount of vertical achieved in our packages depends on weather conditions and the desired experience of the group. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume that if the conditions allow you are here with us to ski LOTS. That said, it’s your holiday so it’s up to you how much you actually ski or ride. Let us know how you are feeling and we can adjust the pace accordingly.


Heliski Tour Average Guarantee If you’re lucky!
4 Day 22,300 17,500 30,500+
5 Day 29,000 22,000 39,600+
7 Day 42,500 30,500 55,000+
10 Day 61,000 43,600 76,000+
Heliski Tour Average Guarantee If you’re lucky!
4 Day 73,000 57,400 100,000
5 Day 95,000 72,000 130,000
7 Day 140,000 100,000 180,000
10 Day 200,000 143,000 250,000

Some heliski operators use an unlimited vertical model. At a glance it seems like a no-brainer, but it comes with a premium price tag and significant risk that the amount skied won’t equal the associated costs. While an all-you-can-ski fantasy is the stuff of dreams, on account of basic economics, it’s simply not in the interests of operators to extend days if they aren’t compensated for it.

Why take the risk of paying a higher price upfront for the idea of unlimited skiing? If you want to continue to stack heli laps because conditions are superb, we can make that happen and will clearly define the additional costs. If conditions are average and you’re satisfied with the guaranteed amount, then we all end the day on a positive note. If conditions are poor and the guaranteed vertical isn’t reached, disappointment is met with the silver lining that you receive compensation for coming up short on vertical.

Vertical Guarantee System Unlimited Vertical System
Comment Customer happy to be able to take advantage of amazing conditions by extending days and shortening lunches.
Operator happy to oblige and generate more income to cover additional costs as a result of more time on snow.  
Customer pays premium price upfront to ski more without paying more, but there’s a risk they’ll have to persuade the operator in order to do so.
Operator incurs higher costs with no income generated because customer demands to ski more. 
Vertical Guarantee System Unlimited Vertical System
Comment Customer has option to ski/ride more and take advantage of good conditions.
Operator happy to oblige and earn additional income to cover operational costs.  
Customer receives what they have paid for with premium price.
Operator provides what their premium price represents.  
Vertical Guarantee System Unlimited Vertical System
Comment Customer receives and skies what they pay for in the established guarantee.
Operator delivers the guaranteed vertical.  
Customer pays premium price but receives only guaranteed minimum vertical.
Operator receives premium income while providing only guaranteed amount of vertical.  
Vertical Guarantee System Unlimited Vertical System
Operator neutral
Comment Customer disappointed for not having skied but content to receive compensation.
Operator loses income by providing refund.  
Customer pays premium price but refunded only up to guarantee even if they haven’t skied the minimum vertical.
Operator receives premium income for the additional vertical over the guarantee, even though customer is not skiing it.  

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