Once you’ve taken a good look at both our lodges, you’ll need to decide when you’re coming, for how long and the type of heliski tour you want.

Our Regular Heli skiing Tours Include

  • Only 3 Groups of 4 Guests
    Flying in A-Star B2/B3 helicopters.
  • Double Occupancy Accommodation and Meals
    At either Bell 2 Lodge or Ripley Creek.
  • Guide Services
    All of our heliski guides are ACMG, UIAGM or CSGA certified.
  • Ski & Snowboard Equipment
    Use of powder skis & poles or a limited selection of snowboards.
  • All Safety Gear
    Use of avalanche transceiver, ABS Airbag, radio, probe and shovel.
  • Return Ground Transfers
    Get yourself to Smithers (for Bell 2 Lodge) or Terrace (for Ripley Creek) and we’ll take care of the rest.

When Should I Visit?

When is the best time to go heli skiing? It all comes down to personal choice. Conditions vary throughout the winter season, and while we can’t control the weather, we can sure make the most of it.

Mid-December through January sees plenty of snowfall over the Coast and Skeena Mountains. Days are shorter and colder but we can still ski from approximately 09:00 to 16:00. We tend to get deep in the trees. When the skies clear, we’ll head for the alpine. The snowpack might not be as deep as later in the heliski season, but it offers up some of the best quality snow all year. It tends to be a little quieter around the lodge as many can’t escape their schedules for another break right after Christmas. Prices are lower, so chances are you can score a great deal.

We hit our stride as winter moves into February and March. The snow is deep and effortless and there’s more daylight. We spend more time skiing high-alpine peaks, bowls and glaciers. When the weather turns, we head down into the valley to plunder the trees. Mid-season heli-skiing offers the best of both worlds. For that reason it tends to be in greater demand and subsequently more expensive.

In April we spend most of our time in higher elevations to take advantage of the best snow conditions. This is when you can expect classic, alpine glacier skiing and panoramic vistas during long bluebird days. Many skiers have lost their mojo by this time in the season and are already heading for their bikes and golf clubs. At Last Frontier, however, this time of the season is highly underrated. Beware: Don’t be distracted by spring and summer activities too soon. April offers up steeper lines, powder on the north-facing slopes and, if we are lucky, some corn skiing on the other aspects.


EarlyDec & JanMiddleFeb & MarchLateApril
Skiing/RidingMostly Trees
More Trees
Mix Trees
Mix of Alpine & Trees
Mostly Alpine
Mostly Alpine
Package Cost$$$$$$$$$
Average Snowfall

67 cm

52 cm

34 cm

Average Vertical Skied
33,000 m48,000 m43,000 m
Average Snowbase
at 1,000m Elevation
200 cm320 cm330 cm
Average Daily Low
at 1,000m Elevation
Average Daylight

7.5 Hours

11 Hours

14 Hours

7/5/4 Day Tours

We offer 7, 5 or 4 day heliski trips from both locations. Just like any holiday, it’s a simple formula: the longer you stay, the better. You’ll get more skiing, there will be a deeper disconnect from the rest of the world and you’ll engage more in the present. In short, come for as long as you possibly can.

2022 Heli Skiing Price Guide

[Rates Are Per Person, Average Seasonal Rates]

7 Days30,500 vertical meters of guaranteed skiing
Early[Dec & Jan]Middle[Feb & March]Late[April]
Bell 2 Lodge$14 50014 500$16 60016 600$14 70014 700
Ripley Creek$13 60013 600$14 50014 500$13 50013 500
5 Days22,000 vertical meters of guaranteed skiing
Early[Dec & Jan]Middle[Feb & March]Late[April]
Bell 2 Lodge$11 80011 800$12 40012 400$11 90011 900
Ripley Creek$10 10010 100$11 00011 000$10 70010 700
4 Days17,500 vertical meters of guaranteed skiing
Early[Dec & Jan]Middle[Feb & March]
Bell 2 Lodge$9 4009 400$10 40010 400
Ripley Creek$8 4008 400$9 3009 300

Average seasonal rates. Contact us for specific tour prices.

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Lodge To Lodge Safari Tours

Bell 2 Lodge or Ripley Creek — it’s a tough choice. For those who can’t decide, or want to do it all, our Lodge to Lodge Safari tour gives you the full terrain spectrum and dual lodge experience.

Our flagship 7-Day Heli Safari links the high alpine glaciers of the Skeena Mountains with the steep pitches and tall timber of the Coast Mountains. Midweek, you’ll wake up in the heli-ski mecca of Bell 2, power through a day of heli lifts and ski descents, and cap it off at the rustic Ripley Creek Inn over 90 kilometers away (and there’s a mirror trip that travels in the other direction).

Go even deeper with our 10-Day Safari that features five days at each lodge with a ground transfer in between.

2 Heli Skiing Safari Map Canada.jpg

2022 Heliski Safari Price Guide

[Rates Are Per Person]

Safari ToursGuaranteed VerticalBell 2 Lodge & Ripley Creek [All Season]
10 day44 000 meters$22 000
7 day30 500 meters$16 300

Average seasonal rates. Contact us for specific tour prices.

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Private Heli Skiing Tours

Our most exclusive heli skiing concept gives you the flexibility to call the shots and conquer it all with unlimited vertical and endless terrain. You plan your perfect day with your guides and set the pace with your own helicopter. Our Single Group Private is for 4 guests, or double up your squad with our Two Group Private for up to 8.

Tours include

  • Unlimited Vertical
    Ski or snowboard as much as you like.

  • Private Heli
    Your very own A-Star B2 or B3 Helicopter.

  • Guide Services
    Two private heliski guides with ACMG, UIAGM or CSGA certification.

  • Meet & Greet
    Greeting at all airports

  • Private Transfers
    Between the Vancouver airport and your hotel and between Smithers/Terrace and your hotel.

2022 Private Heliski Price Guide

Single Group Private (4 People) – 7 Days
Guaranteed Helicopter
Flying Time
Early[Dec & Jan]Middle & Late[Feb – April]
7 Day Bell 2 Lodge7 hours$99 900$116 600
7 Day Ripley Creek7 hours$93 200$109 400109 400
Single Group Private (4 People) – 5 Days
5 Day Bell 2 Lodge5 hours$74 20074 200$87 50087 500
5 Day Ripley Creek5 hours$69 100$80 700


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Two Group Private (8 People) – 7 Days
Two Group PrivateGuaranteed Helicopter
Flying Time
Early[Dec & Jan]Middle & Late[Feb – April]
7 Day Bell 2 Lodge14 hours$149 100$173 200
7 Day Ripley Creek14 hours$137 700$158 800
Two Group Private (8 People) – 5 Days
5 Day Bell 2 Lodge10 hours$110 300110 300$129 600129 600
5 Day Ripley Creek10 hours$102 300$ 118 800118 800


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Price Guide Small Print

  • 5% GST (tax) is applied to all packages.
  • Extra vertical, over and above package guarantee, is charged at CAD $180 per 1,000 vertical meters [CAD $55 per 1,000 vertical feet].
  • For inbound and outbound hotel options, get in touch with us.
  • A non-refundable deposit of CAD $2,500 is required in order to confirm a reservation. See How To Book
  • For our cancellation policy, please read our Booking Terms.
  • All guests will be required to sign a Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement prior to skiing.
  • For guests who wish to bring their own alpine touring boots and/or bindings, please review our touring boots safety policies.

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