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The Last Frontier DNA

Based in Northern BC

On the border with Alaska.

Two Remote Lodges

Both rich in character and charm.

Only Multi-Day Trips

4, 5, 7 & 10 day trip options.

Big Ski Area

10,100 km2 of exclusive heli skiing terrain.

Small Groups of 4

Only small group heli-skiing.

Alpine & Tree Skiing

Extensive terrain variety - wide open bowls, glaciers, glades & trees.

What We’re All About

When you arrive at Last Frontier Heliskiing, you’ve left the world behind. It’s up here in Northern British Columbia where things get wild.

Over more than two decades, we’ve carefully honed our approach to helicopter skiing and boarding.

We understand it’s a commitment to visit our neck of the woods. That’s why from the moment you arrive to your last run, we’ll pull out all the stops to make your trip one to remember.

We’re passionate about the heliskiing experience in BC and believe in calling it like it is. This site should give you everything you need to know about Last Frontier without too much hype and marketing guff. That way you can choose if we are the right fit for your Canadian heli ski adventure.


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Go Heli-Skiing On The Border Of Alaska

It’s a big wild world up here in Northern BC, Canada.

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Discover more about who we are, what we do and how we do it in our six part mini-series.

Bell 2 Lodge
Lodges Overview
Ripley Creek

Discover Where We Are

Northern British Columbia is all about serious mountains and big snow. It might seem like you're about to journey to the edge of the Earth — but isn't that the point?

Guests arrive in Vancouver, from there, a 1.5-hour flight brings you to Terrace. A 4-hour ground transfer leads you deep into the Coast and Skeena Mountains — home to Last Frontier’s Bell 2 Lodge and Ripley Creek Inn.

What Our Guests Are Saying

Mark Mislin Guest - Switzerland
“The Ripley Creek guide team is fantastic, lots of fun and provides freedom without neglecting the safety or skills of the riders.”
Chris Rubens Pro Skier
“It might be a little off the beaten track but sometimes you have to go a little further to find some of the best skiing in the world.”
Bill Bradstreet Guest - Florida
“I love the small groups. 210,000 vertical feet of fun in 7 days! Runs perfect for snowboarders including a "first descent" that they named for me - Wild Bill!“
Grant Gunderson Renowned Sports Photographer
“Last Frontier not only has some amazing tree skiing, but also has some of the most scenic glaciated runs I've ever skied”
Kevin Zadel Guest - California
“Knowing and trusting that Last Frontier’s experienced guides are trying as hard as they can to find the best available snow and challenging descents to the extent that it is safe - that keeps me coming back.”
Nicolas Mueller Pro Snowboarder
“Five days in paradise, it was a bummer we only had five…Some of the best heli boarding in the world!”
Mikkel Bang Pro Snowboarder
“Beautiful mountains and great terrain - perfect for heli boarding. Good variety of rolls, jumps and steeps! The whole package was great – food, service and staff.”
Jeff Thomas Filmmaker/Director
"Growing up on the South Coast of BC I have been lucky enough to ski and film in a lot of great terrain but during our visit to Last Frontier it showed me that the Mecca for skiing is in Northern BC."
Andreas Leu Guest - Switzerland
“The week of heli skiing in Stewart was the best I've had in my life. Thank you for the amazing time!”

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