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Common Heli Skiing Gear Mistakes

Heli skiing, as many of our repeat clients know, is often incomparable to resort or even backcountry skiing. For those uninitiated with the concept they may immediately liken heli skiing with backcountry skiing or touring. Because of this, and many … Continue reading

Helicopter Skiing Top Tips!

First time heli skiers have so much to look forward to when it comes to heli skiing with Last Frontier. Seemingly endless powder runs, epic trees to navigate through, friendly and encouraging guides. We’ve found, however, people can become less … Continue reading

Warren Miller – The Voice Of The Skiing World

Whether you’re an experienced heli skiing veteran, or new to our exciting world, there’s one thing you’ll probably have in common – a love of Warren Miller ski movies. Maybe you are part of the generation that grew up watching … Continue reading

Heli Skiing Go Pro – getting the best from your heliski videos

POV action sports video cameras, such as the GoPro and Contour models, have given athletes of every age and every sport the ability to capture what they love doing. Whether this is heli skiing through trees, mountain biking tight single … Continue reading

Women’s Heli Skiing: Ski Boots

Although men used to make up the majority of our clients here at Last Frontier, women’s heliskiing in Canada is definitely catching up. Women take to skiing very well and can make the best of men look like graceless, uncoordinated … Continue reading

Heli Ski Bags: Planning your next trip

Buy a ski bag can be as important a decision as choosing which new pair of skis you are going to purchase next winter. Having a bag that will successfully get your gear to and from the heli skiing location, … Continue reading

Heli Ski: The North Face

From the humble beginnings almost 50 years ago, the North Face have grown to become one of the most respected and reputable companies in the outdoors apparel and equipment market. Their technologically superior products keep people alive and healthy, often … Continue reading

Heli Ski Apparel: Boot Flex Ratings Demystified

When it comes to boot flex ratings it’s important to realize there is actually no real standard system – companies can literally describe their boots as they like. Heli skiing steeps and tree runs, and any other technical terrain, requires … Continue reading

Heliskiing Travel: Getting your equipment safely to the mountains

There’s one thing that can put an end to your heli skiing vacation quicker than anything else, even before you’ve reached your heli skiing destination. It’s losing your baggage; and everyone must have had the same thought once in his … Continue reading

Heli Skiing FAQ

Heli skiing is not on your average daily schedule. Unless that is you happen to be a heli ski guide or professional skier. So it’s natural people may feel intimidated the first time they sign up for the experience. There … Continue reading

Canadian Snow Conditions

It’s often been said, ‘there’s just something different about Canadian snow’. This is commonly heard at the bottom of an epic run, after heli skiing amazing conditions, with us at Last Frontier. We think northern BC does have something special … Continue reading

Heli Skiing Skis: How they are constructed

Whether you’re heli skiing in Alaska, northern BC, or just ripping up the piste at your local resort, you probably aren’t giving much thought to the construction of your skis.

How to wax your skis

In our last ski maintenance post, we looked at the equipment needed to get your skis nicely waxed up in preparation for jetting off to your heli ski accommodation, before hitting the great northern BC Mountains. Now let’s put the … Continue reading

What to Wear Heli Skiing: 5 of the Best Ski Socks

A while ago we had a look at the often-overlooked importance of ski socks when planning what gear to take when packing for a heli skiing holiday. Here are our recommendations for the best socks to keep you feet warm … Continue reading

Heliski Gloves, Mittens & More: How to Keep your Hands Warm!

During the depths of the winters here in northern BC, believe us when we say it can get very cold. The extremely low temperatures can provide some unbelievable heli skiing opportunities with the softest driest snow, but this can come … Continue reading