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My Top Ten Ways to Prep for the Heliski Season

My fellow Last Frontier blogger, Katie Burrell, wrote a great post on her top ten ways to prep for the heliski season…so I thought I would take a crack at the list as well. First off, I’ll need to call … Continue reading

From the Front Lines: Chris Rubens on Last Frontier Heliskiing

Salomon Freeski TV has entered its seventh season and just keeps getting better. A couple of winters ago, Freeski TV came up to film at Last Frontier Heliskiing with a couple of certified shred dogs: Cody Townsend and Chris Rubens. The … Continue reading

Gloves or Mitts? The Skier’s Debate

It’s a classic debate amongst skiers: gloves or mitts? Losing the mobility and dexterity of gloves can be restrictive, but having to ball your fingers up in your gloves can be painful. Ultimately, numb hands can be a day ender. … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes: the Last Frontier

Okay, I’ll say it, the Last Frontier Heliskiing video was SWEET. But – layman’s terms aside – there is a lot that goes into one of these four minute edits. While the incredible visuals and sounds are captivating your every … Continue reading

The Last Frontier

The Last Frontier…Imagine a wild and untamed mountain range deep in the heart of Northern BC. Snowstorms here are measured in metres and over 25 of them fall each year in an area spanning 9000 square kilometres. Shredding neck deep … Continue reading

Tree Skiing Techniques: Know Thyself and Get a Helmet

Tree skiing can be summed up by that expression: “if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.” Everybody has skied into a tree before; if you haven’t, you’re not going fast enough. In the heli … Continue reading

Good Story, Great Name, Better Wine

Remote, pure, undiscovered: this heli ski operation is aptly named Last Frontier Heliskiing. A frontier is defined as the district near a line that separates two areas, and out here, on the edge of the border of Alaska, the lack … Continue reading

Top Five Ski Town Jobs

Have you ever wanted to trade it all in and go live in a ski town? Give up your job, buy a beat up truck and ski a hundred and fifty days a year? Sounds good to me. If you … Continue reading

The Top Ten Ways to Prepare for Your Heliski Vacation

From least to most important, this is the fool-proof preparation plan to ensure that you get the most out of your ski vacation with Last Frontier Heliskiing.  10. Book your trip and then duct tape your credit card and put … Continue reading

Film Review – Into the Mind

Saturday night was the world premiere of the new Sherpas Cinema film, Into the Mind. Definitely one of the most anticipated ski films in recent years, Into the Mind is the Sherpas follow-up to the award winning film All.I.Can. And … Continue reading