Back country heliboarding in Canada like nothing else on earth...

We like snowboarders, but you will be in a minority at the lodge. You will likely be mixed in with strange creatures with one plank on each foot, but don’t worry it will all work out. Our guides will generally guide on skis but most snowboard and all understand the subtleties in terrain that riders are looking for.

The amount of heli boarding is determined by several factors:

  • Ability and desire to snowboard - usually not an issue!
  • Weather and snow conditions
  • Available daylight hours

Transition Zones

Some runs may include sections of terrain which require 'head's up' riding. Look ahead, anticipate your need for speed and follow the guide's lead. Snowboarders will sometimes wait for the skiers to set a track so they may more easily get through transition zones from alpine to sub-alpine pitches.

Snowboard Rentals

A very limited number of snowboards are available at the lodge. Please contact us before you travel if you will be relying on the use of one of our boards. Snowboard boots are not provided.

Choice of Snowboard

Bigger isn't necessarily better. Choose a board that will work in all conditions, as it is fair to expect a little of everything. Feel free to call our office to talk with any of our staff that ride or Check out our Snowboard Gear Guide

snowboard cliff drop