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2019 Last Frontier Heliskiing Prices

We’re well into our heliski season here at Last Frontier Heliskiing but as with anything, it never hurts to look ahead. We’ve just released our pricing for next season and it’s worth taking a look at a few details.

Should New Skis Be Tuned?

New ski day. Is there anything better? I love buying new skis. I love bringing them home that first evening and setting them in the living room, in plain view, so I can gaze at them, letting visions of deep snow … Continue reading

November 2017 Heliski News

THE BACKGROUNDER SERIES Episode 3: Terrain One of the many advantages of having the largest single heliski area in the world is that we’ve got an incredible mix of terrain. Spanning over two mountain ranges, our area encompasses everything from … Continue reading

Last Frontier Heliskiing: The Terrain

People often ask us what our terrain is like. The simple answer to that is endless. Last Frontier Heliskiing is tucked deep into the Coast and Skeena Mountains of Northern British Columbia. In this vast wilderness of glaciers, alpine peaks, old … Continue reading

October 2017 Heli Skiing News

THE BACKGROUNDER SERIES Episode 2: Lodging Whether you prefer to cozy up next to a fire in one of our Log Chalet’s at Bell 2 Lodge or explore the rustic mining town of Stewart from our Ripley Creek location, both … Continue reading

September 2017 Heliski News

THE BACKGROUNDER SERIES Episode 1: Location Get yourself oriented with our two remote heliski operations: Bell 2 Lodge and Ripley Creek. Journey from urban Vancouver into the wilds of Northern British Columbia in this short two-minute feature. Watch Episode 1

Benefits of Staying Active

Every year when fall rolls around, skiers tend to jump on the get-fit-for-skiing bandwagon. Winter is coming, you see. And when the first storms hit and the resort flood gates finally open, we all want our mid season legs of … Continue reading

Insulation: Synthetics vs Down

As the late, great Alfred Wainwright said, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” He had a point, too. Wainwright trekked across England more than a few times in the early 20th Century, with clothing a lot … Continue reading

Storm Skiing During Your Heliski Vacation

In a perfect world, every winter ski vacation would have snow falling from the sky between the hours of 4pm and 6am, then clear to bluebird skies for that picturesque moment captured in all those ski resort marketing photos. But … Continue reading

Taking photos on a heliski trip – Some Pointers

Taking media footage while skiing has never been easier. Smart phones, compact cameras and the ubiquity of GoPro units means there’s pretty much always someone capturing the moment. When on a heliski or cat skiing trip, sometimes there’s even a … Continue reading

A Skier’s New Year’s Resolutions

Congratulations! You made it to 2017. Now that we’ve all loosened our belts a couple of notches from indulging over the holidays, it’s time to start thinking about what our big plans are for this year. And I’m not talking … Continue reading

Drawn to the Dawn Patrol

The alarm chimes on my phone, but the duvet counters with reassuring comfort. I take a deep breath and remember the reason for the ridiculously early start. I clamor out of bed and into my thermals. Pouring coffee into my … Continue reading

Understanding the Avalanche Danger Scale

As much fun as skiing untracked powder snow can be, it can also be very dangerous. During the Mountain War of 1915-18, there probably wasn’t much skiing going on around the front line between the opposing Austrian and Italian armies. … Continue reading

Tips for Skiing in Extreme Cold

Coastal British Columbia has a great reputation for rarely getting too cold to ski. While we do get the odd flow of arctic air rushing across the province (like last week), it never really stays that cold. But when the … Continue reading

Going Beyond the Ski Area Boundary

It can be difficult to resist leaving the ski area boundary. Think of a powder day. The hill is tracked out, crowded and you’re cruising around with your buddies when you see, beyond those ski area boundary signs, vast fields … Continue reading