Good question. Here are 3 of the best reasons...

1. Location, Location, Location

We believe we have found the Mecca of heli-skiing. We don't know anywhere in the world that can match the sheer size, range of skiing terrain and consistency of snow conditions. We land high in the alpine and runs end well below tree line, deep in the valley bottoms. Rip turns through deep blankets of powder surrounded by awe inspiring peaks. If the weather closes in we can drop into a huge number of tree lined runs where the deep snow lies protected from the elements.

2. Small Group Tours

Small group heli skiing is best, we ski with only 4 guests per group. It's what we have built Last Frontier around. It doesn't just mean you get your own fresh lines, it means you will be more likely to be skiing at your pace. Some like to cruise around, take in the views and take lots of photos, others like to strap in, and crank it! It's simple, less people in the helicopter means more options for you.

Getting out of the heli and seeing the vast expanse of epic skiing and endless terrain that Ripley Creek has to offer was for sure one of the highlights to last year. It was inspiring and exciting, After 10 days I feel like I only got a taste and can't wait for more.

Adam Clark, North Face / TGR Photographer

3. The People

We're biased, but we think we have the best of the best. It's not just about all their combined experience and qualifications. The Guides are not just there to keep you safe but also to show you a good time. They are people we would choose to go into the mountains with if we had the choice.

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