What You Can Expect on a Typical Day of Helicopter Drop Skiing

September 28, 2020 Last Frontier Heliskiing

Experience the Rush of Vertical Drop Skiing this Season

When you join us at Last Frontier Heliskiing, you are not only visiting the world’s largest single heli skiing area, you are also leaving all your worries and problems behind. When you journey all the way up to Northern British Columbia for a heli skiing experience, you have no choice but to live in the moment and be present exactly where you are. So what does a day-in-the-life of helicopter drop skiing look like? Well read on to learn more about what you can expect when you visit Last Frontier heliskiing.

First thing first, heli skiing guests will typically arrive in Vancouver. From there guests can expect a 1.5-hour flight that will bring you to one of two small communities in Northern BC, Smithers or Terrace. Finally, a 4-hour ground transfer leads you deep into the Coast and Skeena Mountains — home to Last Frontier’s Bell 2 Lodge and Ripley Creek Inn.

Once you have arrived in the beautiful Skeena mountains you will make yourself comfortable in one of our two unique, luxury, cozy lodges. The Bell 2 Mountain lodge offers guests the off-the-grid log cabin experience, while our Ripley Creek lodge is a quirky hotel in the town of Stewart, located directly next to Alaska.

Once you are settled in, the heli skiing or heliboarding will begin. At Last Frontier we offer our guests a vertical drop guarantee. What is that? Well simply put we guarantee our guests a set amount of vertical meters based on the length of your trip. This approach will ensure you pay for what you ski. In our opinion, this is the best value and overall experience for heli skiing. There are of course exceptions. In the event that your vertical guarantee is not reached because of bad weather that prevents us from flying or because of mechanical breakdown [these are the only two reasons for a refund], we will provide a refund for the vertical not skied.

Along with this vertical drop guarantee, Last Frontier is proud to offer our clients small group heli skiing tours. Our small group tour approach will ensure that you are skiing with individuals of a similar ability level, that you are seeing less tracks and more open spaces, and that you spend less time waiting and more time experiencing a world-class heli skiing trip.
Simply put, Last Frontier aims to provide our guests with the best possible heli skiing experiences from arrival to departure and we have mastered this formula over decades. To learn more about what you can expect when you book a heli skiing or heliboarding experience with Last Frontier check out our frequently asked questions page. We look forward to seeing you on the mountain soon, for a once-in-a-life-time vertical drop heli skiing experience in Northern British Columbia.