Heli-ski Accommodation – More than just somewhere to stay

They say each mountain has a story to tell, and in our case the same rings true for our heli-ski accommodation. Both of our offerings are more than merely just somewhere to stay – each has it’s own unique history, especially so with the Bell 2 Lodge. Before heading to northern British Columbia, check out the interesting histories behind our rustic locations.

In 1979, Ernie Kreese built a basic gas station and garage, named the Bell 2 crossing. The name came from the fact that the site was situated at the second bridge crossing the Bell Irving River, which although not often visited by anglers, has some fantastic fly-fishing opportunities. A while later Kreese added cabins and a small restaurant to the site to cater for passing travelers. At this time, the road, leading from Kitwanga right up to the Yukon, was a gravelly affair, bumpy and challenging for all those who choose it as their route.

It wasn’t until the mid 1980’s that ownership changed hands, and then again in the fall of 1996. Now, George Rosset, and some forward thinking partners, were planning an ambitious project of turning the site into a base for a helicopter skiing outfit. Two years later the property was bought, and Last Frontier Heliskiing was established, becoming the largest heliski area on the planet. The name then became, as it is now known, the Bell 2 Lodge.

Heli-Ski Accommodation - More Than Just Somewhere To Stay - Bell 2 Karl Weatherly L01
Last Frontier Heliskiing – Bell 2 Lodge Homebase, Photo by: Karl Weatherly

Since then no expense has been spared updating and renovating the site. Heavy investment by the new owners have seen the more or less complete rebuild of the existing lodge structure and the log chalets and facilities that surround the area. Now each one contains all the modern amenities of a regular hotel.

The Ripley Creek Inn does not have as intimate a history as the Bell 2 Lodge. Despite this, it is building a reputation for being one of the most comfortable places to stay whilst in the historic mining town of Stewart. Officially opened on the 15th July 2001, the lodging aims to make the stay in Stewart as memorable as the natural splendors that make up this corner of British Columbia.

Heli-Ski Accommodation - More Than Just Somewhere To Stay - Ripley Creek Randy Lincks L02
Last Frontier Heliskiing – Ripley Creek Inn Homebase, Photo by: Randy Lincks

Alongside the Bitter Creek Café, opened previously in 1994, the Ripley Creek Inn brings a newer perspective to a town that easily encapsulates the old ways of the wild Canadian / Alaskan border, adding a breath of contemporary accommodation in these awe-inspiring surroundings.

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