Heli Skiing Myths

It has to be said, people do sometimes turn up with the strangest ideas about what they can do heli skiing with us at Last Frontier Heliskiing. Whether they’ve watched one too many Warren Miller films, or fancy themselves as a bit of a James Bond character, some of the requests are downright silly, not to mention dangerous. Other heli skiing myths that we want to bust are those that might put people off heliskiing, when actually they are more than capable of joining us.

You have to be an “Extreme” skier
True, most of today’s video parts are accessed by helicopter, and the skiers taking part in these movies are of the “extreme” variety. However, the typical heli skiers that make up the majority of people using helicopters to access the more remote areas of the mountain, are intermediate to advanced riders who have more interest in making beautiful turns than hucking that 20-meter cliff.

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Heli landing – makes a great photo! Photo by: Dave Silver

You (have to) jump out the helicopter
Similar in notion to the above myth, you do not jump out of a hovering helicopter. This is a strict no-no in any book. Instead, our trusted pilots will touch you down in designated  landing spots that have been carefully selected in advance. Once touched down, the pilot gives the signal when it’s safe to exit as a group.

You have to be a millionaire
It’s not just millionaires who can afford to heli ski. Whilst you might not be able to heli ski everyday of the winter, if they chose a week long heli ski package with us it can work out as almost as affordable as a week in a major ski resort – after you’ve forked out for all your meals, entertainment, accommodation and lift passes. And we know where we’d prefer to be!

You have to be a skier
Yes, that’s right, we welcome snowboarders too! Although you might be in the minority here in northern BC, you will always be made to feel as welcome as your two-planked counterparts. We believe everyone who has a passion for either discipline should have the opportunity to sample heli skiing at its finest.

It’s very dangerous
As with any sport, there are risks involved in heli skiing. To try to claim that these risks are ultimately greater than any other sport is misguided. The preventative techniques used day in day out by all our staff, from guides to pilots, are there to ensure our guests’ safety. This is our number one priority, and if the snowpack is giving us worrying results, or the weather looks threatening, we won’t hesitate to change plans if it means reducing risk.

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