Heliski Perfect Groomers with Last Frontier Heliskiing

The newest innovation in BC’s backcountry ski industry, Heliski Groomers allows skiers and snowboarders of all abilities to experience heli skiing. Imagine carving beautifully prepared corduroy in the remote Skeena Mountains of Northern British Columbia. This exciting program has been in beta testing for several years and now Last Frontier Heliskiing is ready to offer the first trips in 2017.

heliski groomers in the big alpine
Perfectly groomed runs in the big alpine. | Photo – Grant Gunderson

The History & Innovation
The 2015 and 2016 seasons were spent perfecting the art of grooming natural slopes in remote mountainous terrain. Unlike a traditional resort setting, all of our groomers had to be flown into the mountains and a base established for maintenance of the fleet. The latest proprietary innovation in the form of super-wide angle tiller and double wide roller makes grooming large slopes a breeze.

remote alpine grooming machine
The Last Frontier grooming team working hard. | Photo – Steve Rosset

Why Heliski Groomers?
No pesky lift lines or crowded slopes. Our heliski groomer program allows you to fly into our designated grooming zones just as you would in a regular heliski tour. Our A-Star helicopters will be your ski lift for the day, shuttling you to the day’s freshly groomed slopes. Small groups of 4 people ensure that everyone enjoys fresh corduroy. Unlike traditional heli-skiing [which we will continue to offer], heli groomers are easy. Now you can forget all that deep snow that is difficult to ski and that makes the legs tired. This program is suitable for any level skier, mono-skier, snow-blader, snowbiker or snowboarder. All tours are guided by professional ski instructors, which are on hand to improve your style and get you ready for a regular heliski trip.

Grooming machines working slopes for heli skiing.
Grooming machines working hard to prepare the slopes. | Photo – Dave Silver

Guaranteed Conditions
No need to worry about massive snow dumps interfering with your skiing or riding. Heli groomers are guaranteed to provide you with freshly prepared slopes daily. Ski exactly the same kind of conditions every day. Enjoy our generous vertical program, which guarantees 20,000 vertical feet of skiing per day.

skiing fresh corduroy next to glaciers
Nothing like skiing fresh corduroy next to glaciers. | Photo – Dave Silver

Packages & Pricing
4 Day trips start at CA$ 9,000 and we offer 5 and 7 day tours as well. Get in touch with us soon, as trips are limited during our inaugural season. Contact us for more details [here].

Snow Groomer with group of heli skiers
Groomers and helis – a perfect combination. | Photo – Reuben Krabbe

2018 and Beyond
Look out for the Heli-Halfpipe Program, Heli-Mogul Program and the Heli-Skier Cross…