June 2021 News

Progress Report – June 2021

We are still in the tunnel but can now report that in Canada at least, there is a bright light and warm glowing sunshine at the end of it. After a slow start on the vaccination drive, we are told now that we are ahead of Israel with 75% of the population having their first dose and 21% with their second [rising rapidly]. Don’t you just love all the statistics…?

When will Canada open up for travel?

While there is no definitive opening date for the Canadian border, plans are being developed for a phased border reopening starting sometime in July. The rate of domestic vaccination uptake and rates of covid infection from visitor countries are key factors likely to determine the speed of the phased border reopening. The Canadian government is also working with the European Union and the United States to find a solution for proof of vaccination, which we expect will be required for entry into the country for the foreseeable future. Our message unsurprisingly is – get vaccinated as soon as you can.

How are restrictions in Canada?

Restaurants are fully open for indoor and outdoor dining, liquor hours have been extended to midnight and gatherings of up to 50 people allowed outdoors. The remaining restrictions are expected to be dropped by the end of summer.

What does all this mean for heli-skiing next winter?

While we are hesitant to say “everything” will be back to normal this coming winter, current signs point to the easing/elimination of travel restrictions for vaccinated travelers in time for our heliski season. In the event that travel restrictions persist into the Fall/Winter, we have spelled out in our Terms & Conditions how we would address such circumstances.

If you’re keen to join us next winter or beyond, use our handy trip builder to request availability.

Bell 2 Lodge Update

After a record breaking snow year, the snowbanks retreated rapidly at Bell 2 Lodge bringing a flurry of animal activity in the area. Richard Eckert, who has spent countless hours documenting the area and it’s wild inhabitants, has graciously given us access to some stunning wildlife images in the gallery below. See more of his work [here].

Bell 2 Lodge is a hive of activity with resource projects in the area generating healthy demand for rooms and meals. Maintenance projects are ongoing and several facility upgrades are planned over the summer months. Stay tuned for more as we head into the Fall.

Until next time,

Mike & Crew