Just When You Thought You’d Seen It All: MORE SKIING!

November 08, 2013 Katie Burrell

Premiere season is almost wrapped, and skiers everywhere are starting to get after it. Realistically – according to Instagram – the ski season has begun. This fall has been another banger for ski and snowboard movies, and I have been in more than one stoked audience checking these beauties out. If you have been smashing through this hype media and just can’t get enough, here is another list of trailers for the shred flicks that fall under the category of “Must-Sees.” I guarantee that if your season hasn’t already started, these should do the trick to get you off your computer and out there into the glory that is – (what I like to call) – No-Pressure November.

Pow Slashin'! Photo: Randy Lincks
Pow slashin’! Photo: Randy Lincks

Jeremy Jones, the big mountain shredding legend and owner of Jones Snowboards, brings us “Higher,” a film that takes him beyond the boundaries of his previous films; boundaries that he realized he had set for himself. He heads out with the attitude that a line is “guilty until proven innocent,” and pushes himself to somehow shred steeper and safer…somehow.

Never or Not, Nike Snowboarding’s release this year, is huge. Tons of the biggest names in snowboarding take urban features, park and backcountry lines to the next level. Stylish cinematography and sweet music accents the incredible riding and results in all round feel good vibes.


Teton Gravity Research’s “Way of Life” is a must-see. From Mammoth to the Kootenays to Alaska, throughout history and the progression of the sport; this film shows how skiing, passion and living your best life will mean that you know no bounds.

This is the Shane McConkey documentary. It needs no preamble.

Level 1 films are just plain fun. They’re creative, funny, cool, and the skiing is RAD. This is the kind of skiing we all love: with our buddies, having a laugh, pushing it, having more laughs. The production company describes the film as a “healthy mix of skiing, music and personality with a low ultraviolet index.” 

Salomon Freeski TV – keep your eyes on these episodes all winter. They are some of the best ski shorts out there, and are just long enough that you can watch them at your desk and not look like you’re ditching work…too badly. Sure, we may be a bit biased (Freeski TV filmed up in our terrain, and we love skiing on the Rocker 2’s…the video is viewable on our site) but mostly we just appreciate good ski art. Here’s the 100th episode of Freeski TV, if you haven’t already gobbled it up.

We love our overseas guests like they were next-door-neighbours (because sometimes, nothing is more fun than a language barrier) and we know the Europeans are fit as hell and are generally quite impressive out there in the snow.  But the Legs of Steel crew goes all the way in representing the motherland with jaw-dropping visuals and bomber skiing of this year’s “The Lost.” Check out that special hint of Euro flare that we love so much over here in the new world.

In other film-related news: you just ordered a GoPro online and are booking a trip to Last Frontier Heliskiing so that you can make your own shred flick this winter? Good call.