Is a Private Tour What You’re Looking For?

February 12, 2014 Katie Burrell

Last Updated: July 15, 2020

Sometimes, everyone deserves something special. A little treat, if you will. It’s hard to spoil yourself, but hey, life’s too short to not roll out the carpet of self-love every once in awhile. But “treatin’ yo’self” is just one of the reasons why booking a private helicopter for your heli-skiing vacation at Last Frontier Heliskiing is a little taste of the fun that you can allow yourself in life. Realists, listen up: when you break it all down, private groups just make a lot of sense.

You Deserve The Good Things In Life. Photo: Dave Silver
You deserve the good things in life. Photo: Dave Silver

Who has skied with someone that they didn’t want to ski with before? I have. To be blunt, it can be painful. Now, we seem to only get great guests up here, but long and short, it can happen that you don’t totally click with everyone. With a private helicopter that won’t even be a potential.  For a lot of skiers, the sport is best shared with close friends, family or the self, and having a group that you know and trust will make your dream trip seem that much more personal. Plus, the memories will live on in that special way that only can amongst close friends.

Photo: Dave Silver
Photo: Dave Silver

Our private tours include your own A-Star B2 or B3 helicopter, accommodation and hospitality at one of our lodges (Bell 2 or Ripley Creek Inn), private guiding services by two guides (ACMG and/or UIAGM certified), use of powder skis and poles, use of avalanche transceivers, ABS Airbags, probes and shovels, a meet and greet at Vancouver International Airport, limousine transfers in Vancouver between the airport and your hotel and ground transfers between Smithers and Bell 2 Lodge or between Terrace and Ripley Creek. Oh, and as much pow as you can handle! 

And That's A Lot Of Pow. Photo: Randy Lincks
And that’s a lot of pow. Photo: Randy Lincks

We offer five day or seven day trip options, in either lodge. There are customizable group sizes, flying time and ski packages. Just imagine having your favourite ski crew in your own helicopter, skiing exactly how you want. Sounds like a little bit of heaven on earth. You can check out this page for more details, but let’s break it down: a regular 5 day package at 72,000 vertical feet, costs between $10,000 and $12,000 per person [2021 pricing]. With every extra foot ringing in at $53, you might ski 120,000 vertical feet in during the 5 day stay (which isn’t uncommon; that number of feet is great, but not exceptional); totalling approximately $2,500 in extra vertical feet. That means that you’re looking at around $12,500 to $14,500 for a regular 5 day package. A two-group private of eight gets unlimited skiing for around $13,500. That price, including all of the things that are added on to private tours, basically means that the potential for “bang for your buck” is higher for the skiers on two-group private tour.

These Are Memories Worth Remembering. Photo: Dave Silver
These are memories worth remembering. Photo: Dave Silver

Isn’t it every skier’s dream to have a helicopter loaded up with their best friends or family and go hit lap after lap of sweet, sweet, deep, light, fluffy pow? A private tour might sound over-the-top, but sometimes shaking out the piggy bank to get what you want (and totally deserve) in life is totally worth it. Booking to do that at a place where it’s a really good deal is even better.