The “BGE”: Last Frontier Heliskiing’s Baked Goods Experiece

November 01, 2013 Katie Burrell

Treats! Cookies! Pastries! Bread! It is an inarguable truth that one of the greatest things about heli skiing (in particular) is the SNACKS. If a five year old’s birthday party met with an adult powder skiing dream…you’d have what we call the “BGE”: the Baked Goods Experience – at Last Frontier Heliskiing. If you can stay conscious throughout indulging in the fresh warm bread, gooey chocolate chip cookies and flakey pastries…

Snacks! Admit It, One Of The More Exciting Times Of The Day. Photo: Dave Silver
SNACKS! Admit it, one of the more exciting times of the day. Photo: Dave Silver

How do the bakers do it? People say that cooking is like art and baking is like science…but there has to be an art behind this science, because there is no way that cookies can taste this good without there being some sort of magic involved. Trevor Scott, a baker at Last Frontier Heliskiing let me (and therefore, you) in on a couple of his secrets and a few of the delicious goodies that will be waiting for you at the lodge. But first, an important and pressing question: Trevor?! How the heck do you not eat everything in sight?!

“It’s hard not to! I keep the bread fresh by making sure it’s so delicious that it just all gets eaten up quickly…”

Not Just For The Tastes...feast Your Eyes As Well. Photo: Dave Silver
Not just for the tastes…feast your eyes as well. Photo: Dave Silver

It’s a good thing that while you are here you will be heliskiing every day, getting some exercise and fresh air, because Trevor also bakes special cinnamon raisin bread and divine chocolate chip cookies. In other words, this is not the vacation to restrict yourself from sampling and enjoying treats! Trevor casually mentioned that he turns the cinnamon raisin bread that doesn’t get eaten right away into French Toast…(drooling).

Exercise All Day To Balance Out The Treats!
Exercise all day to balance out the treats!

Do you love to bake? Come on back into the kitchen and chat with our chefs about their tips and secrets and share some of your own. All bakers say things like “oh, it’s so simple…you just have to follow the instructions!” But anyone who has tried to make pastry rise and stand up (without scaffolding and a crew of eight) knows that sometimes the “instructions” just aren’t enough. The individuals that will be making your goodies are talented professionals and will pull things out of the oven that you didn’t think existed in real life.

Home-Made Croutons. Photo: Dave Silver
Home-made croutons. Photo: Dave Silve

Just so you’re prepared for your baking – I mean, heliskiing trip: there will be freshly baked bread every morning, fresh cookies and energy snacks every lunch, sandwiches on home-made bread, pastries, baked goods all afternoon, fresh bread with dinner, and crumbles, pies, cobblers, etc. etc. etc. ETC. for dessert…every single day.

So, it’s safe to say that I would be sittin’ pretty at just over 600 pounds if I was the baker. Or baker’s apprentice. Or anywhere near the kitchen, ever. But you can’t worry too much about any added pounds…they just mean that you will sink deeper into the pow!

You May Float More Easily In This Zone. Photo: Dave Silver
You may float more easily in this zone. Photo: Dave Silver