Experience the wilderness with heli skiing in northern British Columbia

November 23, 2020 Last Frontier Heliskiing

When you go heli skiing in Northern British Columbia, the experience is about much more than just skiing. It is a unique experience that allows you to see vast swathes of pristine wilderness like you never have before. 

Access remote terrain

Heli skiing is a thrilling sport in its own right, but it’s also more than that. The experience begins before you set foot on one of the snow-covered slopes on which you will be skiing. The use of helicopters gives you unparalleled access to remote terrain. You can access and experience wildernesses that you wouldn’t normally be able to get to. It seems there aren’t very many untouched wildernesses left in the world, and those that remain are often hard to reach. Northern British Columbia is home to many of these, and heli skiing grants you special access to them. Using helicopters to access the skiing terrain offers a stunning en route sightseeing experience, as well as landing you squarely in the midst of untouched landscapes that few people have the opportunity to see, let alone visit.

Safe skiing with private guides

When you go heli skiing with Last Frontier in northern British Columbia, you not only get to see remote, wild terrain, you get to explore it under the leadership of an experienced guide. Our guides not only keep you safe, but they also know the area and will lead you through the most breathtaking scenery in this stunning part of the world.

If you want an unparalleled wilderness heli skiing experience, get in touch with Last Frontier, the best heli skiing operator in northern BC.