Heli skiing vs Resort Skiing – There’s No Comparison

November 09, 2020 Last Frontier Heliskiing

Why should you heli ski? What does it have to offer that you can’t get on a resort slope? If you’ve already been a regular visitor to ski resorts, you may well wonder what heli skiing has to offer you that you haven’t already experienced.

The answer is that there really is no comparison between the two. They are two, quite different experiences. It isn’t so much a question of one being better than the other – they’re just different. You may want to spend one vacation heli skiing and then the next one at a resort. 

Then again, you may find that you try heli skiing for the first time and then never look back!

Heli skiing – a wilder, more personal experience

Resort ski slopes are groomed and managed specifically for skiers. They’re covered in tracks, they have lift lines stretching over their entire length, and groomers and other staff are always on hand. You stand in long queues to get just a little slope time, and your experience is structured and regulated according to the busyness of the resort, and the establishment’s practices and rules. 

With heli skiing, you don’t have to deal with any of that. You have access to kilometre after kilometre of untracked snow, in terrain that sees a minimal number of humans during the course of the year. You ski on untracked snow, in small groups, without having to deal with crowds. Most laps will cover enough territory to open several ski hills. Some of these are up to 6,500 vertical feet long – that’s up to 1,300 vertical feet longer than even the longest resort slope. Plus, you have the option to ski on glaciers and beautiful alpine vistas, or go tree skiing through gorgeous, old-growth forests that will take your breath away. 

Heli skiing is an experience unlike any other. Contact Last Frontier Heliskiing to find out how you can enjoy the best heli skiing in northern British Columbia.