2019 Fall to Winter Timelapse

October 25, 2019 Steve Rosset

What’s the snowpack looking like? This is the go-to question for any skier and rider who’s booked into Last Frontier Heliskiing for our 2020 Season. Well, we have some great news. Our snowpack is over 75cm at our remote weather camera on October 24th. With just over two months to season start [we open on December 28th], we have plenty of time to add to this strong start.

The slideshow below was put together with images from our remote satellite camera. It sits right around treeline at 1,300m in elevation on the low landing of Mucho Gusto. The area is easily accessible with a short 8-minute flight from Bell 2 Lodge. We sent a logging crew into the area this Summer to open up the ski terrain, which will make for some terrific skiing in beautifully gladed forests.

As we watch the seasonal Fall storms roll in, we are looking for heavy snow at sub-alpine elevations to provide good cover down in the trees. Lower elevation areas need heavier early-season snowpack to cover-up brush and alder. This has been happening frequently with several large systems having moved through the Pacific Northwest in early to mid-October. The forecast calls for a bit of a break this week and more snow late next week. Check out our long-term forecast for more.

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