Apres Ski – Why It’s the Best Part of the Day

January 13, 2017 Liam Harrap

Frequently when people book a heliskiing holiday, the focus is primarily on skiing. However, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. Today, there are many heliskiing outfits in Canada and it can be difficult for people to chose where to go. Most of them offer excellent skiing, which makes the decision even harder. Nevertheless, Last Frontier Heliskiing stands out from the rest. While the skiing is outstanding, Last Frontier Heliskiing goes beyond the skiing to provide a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. A holiday isn’t a holiday without mind-blowing cuisine.  The following is a look at apres-ski and why it may be the best part of your holiday at Last Frontier Heliskiing:

| Photo - Geoff Holman
A welcoming sight after a hard day’s ski | Photo – Geoff Holman

Imagine skiing 40 000 feet in a day. Skiing runs with powder up to your waist, having the helicopter drop you off at the summit of a snowy remote peak and skiing to the valley. Top to bottom – a 5 000 foot run. Watching the sunset on the Pacific Ocean as you ski down a chute, shrieking with glee and following your guide to the waiting helicopter to take you back to base. Once at the base, you go to your hotel room, shower/change and make your way to the bar for some snacks. Apres-ski is a small pre-dinner meal, served everyday after skiing.

| Photo - Geoff Holman
Food, merriment, and friends | Photo – Geoff Holman

There, you may find wings, ribs, sliders, nachos, sushi, or tacos. You fill up your plate and order a beer. And while you replenish your energy from a 40 000 foot ski day, you and your friends relive the moments. Laughing at face plants in powder, comparing pictures of the moose in the river, or talking about the adventures to come – tomorrows ski day. Share a beer with your guide and learn about Canadian life. Begin to unwind and get ready for the evening. Life is good.

| Photo - Geoff Holman
That’s a mouthful | Photo – Geoff Holman

Simply, apres-ski is a fusion of skiing and food. Enjoy a fondue, while listening to a staff member play the violin. Crunch a tostados and make a friend with fellow skier. Eating is meant to be a social experience. Enjoy it.

| Photo - Dave Silver
Raclette cheese used for melting over meat and vegetables for Thursday’s apre-ski at Bell 2 Lodge. It’s tradition | Photo – Dave Silver

This isn’t just a vacation, it’s an adventure. And all good adventures come with food, merriment, and friends. At Last Frontier Heliskiing, instead of going an extra mile, we go ten. We want you to come, conquer, ski, and eat. A happy skier is a skier with a full belly.