Christmas Ski Gear Wishlist – Top Gifts for the Skier in Your Life

November 28, 2016 Vince Shuley

With our American neighbours giving thanks this past weekend, all roads lead to Silly Season. Yes, it’s time to put your holiday tree and begin the countdown to the Festivus for the rest of us. Hopefully you’ve had the early Christmas gift of powder snow already (we certainly have), but if you are looking for a gift idea for the skier in your life, check out our Christmas Ski Gear Wishlist.

Steady... Steady... | Photo- Steadicam
Steady… Steady… | Photo- Steadicam

For the GoPro Junkie

Know someone who can’t get enough rad footage of their epic days of skiing powder? Solve that vomit-inducing camera shake with one of these handy Steadicam mounts, designed specifically for GoPro cameras.  Cost: $55

These socks were built Darn Tough for Canadians | Photo - MEC
These socks were built Darn Tough for Canadians | Photo – MEC

For the Practical

There’s every type fancy ski sock on the market; smell proof, uber-warm merino knits, compression, even electric heated ski socks. But some folks just want a good ol’ pair of socks that will last forever. Darn Tough socks are still made in Vermont, USA and are guaranteed for life. If you wear through them or don’t like them and apparently even if your dog eats them, Darn Tough will replace your socks. Cost: $26

For the Skiing Gamer

Ever wanted to act in your own ski movie? While that dream may remain unfulfilled on the slopes, if you own a gaming console you can recreate your very own action sports film with Steep, set in the French Alps. You can ski, snowboard, paraglide or wingsuit your way through the mountains, share your stunts with friends and likely have some of the biggest crashes ever, all without leaving your living room. Cost: $80

This tool will fix almost anything | Photo - Leatherman
This tool will fix almost anything | Photo – Leatherman

For the Backcountry Enthusiast

If your backcountry enthusiast doesn’t have a multi tool yet, you will forever be the loving person that bought them one. Good for snipping cables, tightening bindings, cutting tree branches, sharpening branches into spears, opening bottles and cans and about a million other uses. Cost: from $50

This device has your back | Photo - POC
This device has your back | Photo – POC

For the Hardcore Freerider

Skiers and snowboarders get up to some pretty risky things if they want. If that special someone is frequently skiing off cliffs at high speed, jumping very high off the ground or has a previous spinal fracture injury, consider picking them up one of these back protectors. Cost: From $80

These are just a few Christmas gift idea for skiers. So get shopping now before you have the last minute panic on December 24. Happy holidays.