December Ski Conditions Update

December 30, 2016 Liam Harrap

Although the season has just started, it’s been epic so far. Skiing in December is always a special time of the year as it’s quiet and cold. However, in many ways it’s the most exciting time of the year. Runs are skied for the first time of the season and it usually snows. A lot. The light is magical as the sun doesn’t rise high into the sky, resulting in breathtaking pinks, yellows, and oranges. Here is an update of the current conditions at Bell 2 Lodge at Last Frontier Heliskiing:

Ready for the time of your life? Come aboard. Photo - Cliff Umpleby
Ready to get lifted above the clouds? Come aboard.
Photo – Cliff Umpleby

The base is over 165 cm deep at 1000 meters, and well over 2 meters in the alpine. Due to colder weather, the snow has remained light and fluffy. Perfect for powder skiing and having fun. Apparently guests have had trouble while skiing as all the fresh powder keeps getting up and down jackets and pants. It’s important to make sure everything is zipped and button closed before tackling a run or you may turn into a snowman. Some days have been epic, with some guests almost skiing 30 000 ft, which is impressive as daylight hours in December are short.

Cold days and big storm cycles made for mandatory de-freezing morning rituals. | Photo - Cliff Umpleby
Cold days and big storm cycles made for mandatory de-freezing morning rituals. | Photo – Cliff Umpleby

In the past week, we’ve had over 100 cm of fresh snow. The fresh powder was enjoyed by a family from Belgium, who had an unforgettable experience and a tremendous week in the mountains. They were the first guests of the season and they hope to return.

| Photo - Aurelien Sudan
Fun in the Cold Sun | Photo – Aurelien Sudan

Some popular runs that have been skied this season already include: Mucho Gusto, Zambony, Striptease, Canadian, Gilbert Glacier, Golden Girl, and Smooth Rider.

| Photo - Aurelien Sudan
Creamy turns and lots of fresh tracks | Photo – Aurelien Sudan

Of course, any season report must include an update on the food. Apparently, it’s been outstanding. Here’s a sample of the dishes served thus far: Wild Prawns grilled on Rosemary banches, Smoked Beef Carpaccio, Goat Cheese Mushroom Souffle, Occo Buco, Sunchoke soup, and Crème brûlée. Last Frontier Heliskiing isn’t just a place for skiing, it’s also a food destination. 

Our litchen staff at Bell 2 Lodge hard at work. | Photo - Aurelien Sudan
Our kitchen staff at Bell 2 Lodge is dedicated to please your tastebuds | Photo – Aurelien Sudan

Conditions have been so good that some guides have said this may be the best early skiing they’ve seen. Ever. Coming from guides that have skied at Last Frontier Heliskiing for 10 – 15 years, that’s something worth noting.

Dec 27 Pic  (2)
Epic lunch on the mountain for our first guests of the season. | Photo – Paul Hassauer
Perfect lighting. Perfect view | Photo - Cliff Umpleby
Perfect lighting. Perfect view | Photo – Cliff Umpleby

Of course, it’s still early season. Meaning, the snow pack will keep increasing. And the skiing will only get better and better as more runs open. If you’re still thinking of inquiring about free spaces at Last Frontier Heliskiing, don’t wait too long as spaces are filling up.

| Photo - Aurelien Sudan
Coming back for another pick-up! | Photo – Aurelien Sudan

If December is any indication of the rest of the winter season, it may just be one of our bests yet. So don’t miss out – it may just be the best week of your life.