February 2024 Heli Skiing News

February 28, 2024 Last Frontier Heliskiing

February Ski Report

Our crew worked hard to navigate unseasonably warm conditions during the last week of January. Despite some down days, we managed to push through this period without the widespread shutdowns that plagued anything ski related further South.

February brought cooler temps and blue skies. In fact, records were set for the number of bluebird days, allowing us to venture to runs less skied. We’ve averaged 53,000 vertical meters [174,000’] of skiing during the three week stretch into February 23rd. Despite lower than average snowfall, conditions in the alpine have remained very good. Once again, the huge expanse of terrain available has paid dividends.

As we close out the final week of the month, cold storms have returned bringing the best tree skiing of the season. As I write, skiers are in deep, with over- -the-head face shots and blue skies in the forecast.

Come and get us March 🙂

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2025 Booking Season

2025 reservations have been rolling in at a fast pace as our current guests plot their return. If you are date constrained or coming with a larger group [4+], it may be time to explore your options for next winter.

For 2025 there will no longer be any overlapping 4, 5 and 7 day trips so it’s a good idea to review the price list [here] for our new schedule. Get in touch with us for current availability.