January 2024 Heli Skiing News

January Ski Report

Our 2024 heli skiing season kicked off in late December with a record snowbase and plenty of deep storm skiing. As we transitioned into January the skies cleared and we got into alpine terrain rarely skied in the early season. On January 5th Ripley Creek had its earliest ever opening and we are approaching three weeks of uninterrupted skiing [no down days]. Over at Bell 2 Lodge we welcomed the return of the Heligrass Crew and their vibrant live music performances. There was no shortage of stoke and this year’s event turned into the most successful to date. If you have an interest in bluegrass music and enjoy powder, get in touch with us about the return of Heligrass at Ripley Creek in March 2025 [details here]. As we head into the final week of the month, the temps have warmed and some big storms are knocking at the door to replenish our mountains. In all, we’ve had a very good month of skiing and our terrain is in great shape for the season ahead.

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2025 Schedule Change & Bookings

Our operating schedule has changed for 2025. We will only be running back to back tours next season. There will no longer be any overlapping 4, 5 and 7 day trips. This change provides a big boost to the guest experience as everyone arrives and departs on the same day, eliminating disruptions caused by mid-tour transfers and safety briefings. We acknowledge that there will be a little less date flexibility, so it might be a good idea to download our 2025 Rates & Dates [here].

If you are starting to make plans for next winter, get in touch with us for the latest availability [here].