Heli Skiing Etiquette

Etiquette within skiing is determined by a set of unspoken rules or codes that apply to all areas of skiing. Whether you are heli skiing with guides, or just on a resort ski holiday, many of the same etiquettes apply. Here are some guidelines to being a responsible skier in resort and whilst heli skiing with us at Last Frontier.

Control Your Speed

Keeping your speed in check is one of the most important things to bear in mind. As well as being a safety issue for yourself – if your get too fast and out of control you’re likely to end up crashing and doing some damage – you also endanger others around you. As a beginner it can be extremely intimidating having others whizzing past you all the time.

Right of Way

No matter what you are doing, crossing trails, turning, or finding a place to rest, it is your responsibility to avoid anyone in front of you. If someone ahead of you makes an unexpected move you must be sure you aren’t too close to risk crashing into them.

Closed Trails

Trails in ski resorts are often closed, and there is always a reason behind this. Ducking under the ropes or under the barriers can result in you getting your lift ticket taken away from you in the best scenario. In a worse case it can see you getting into trouble in other ways. These unopened trails are more often than not dangerous for reasons that may not be immediately obvious, don’t take the risk just to ‘look cool’ or impress a mate.

Skiing Helicopter
Last Frontier Ripley Creek Guide in action. Image: Randy Lincks

Awareness of Beginners

In a similar vein to controlling your speed, always watch out for skiers less competent than yourself. Groups having lessons in particular should be given a wide berth, and try not to get in the way of instructors giving demonstrations.

Cutting Lines

This title can have two separate meanings, both of equal importance. Whilst waiting in a line to get on a lift or gondola, respect your fellow skiers and don’t try to push in front of anyone. Sliding over the top of other peoples skis or snowboards in the lift line will quickly get you shunned by the rest of the people waiting, perhaps worse.

Also, cutting another persons line on the hill is equally as bad (unless you are good mates of course!). Try to find your own line and avoid cutting in front of where someone else is heading. However if you’re a group of friends all waiting to hit a particular line and no-ones taking the initiative, what are you waiting for?

Lift, Gondola and Heli Etiquette

Ascending the mountain, in whatever fashion, can be a close affair at times. Respect each other’s personal space by refraining from smoking or unnecessarily rummaging around in pockets or bags and knocking against others. Also bear in mind although you may love the music blasting from your headphones but your neighbor may not share your same taste in music.

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