Heliski News: February 2019

February 27, 2019 Steve Rosset

Conditions Update – February 2019 Ski Report

We have passed the mid-season mark at both Bell 2 Lodge and Ripley Creek. All cylinders are firing. After a very snowy January which saw over 270 cm of new snow, the first week of February delivered another 40cm of fresh. This was quickly followed by a massive high pressure system that gave us a 10 day drought and had the guides exploring our terrain for freshies. Several first descents where bagged, which is kind of incredible given that we’ve been skiing these lands for almost 25 years. Last week a healthy reset [up to 60cm of storm snow] made for some of the best days of the season. As we write, the blue skies are back and the dreamy skiing continues. See our full report.

The Last Frontier Advantage: Terrain

Droughts happen. It doesn’t matter if you’re skiing in the Alps, in Japan or in British Columbia. Extended high pressure system are part of a normal weather pattern and they can strike anytime in the winter – early, middle or late. At Last Frontier we have a huge advantage over operations with smaller skiing areas. The incredible diversity and scale of our tenure allows us to find untracked and well preserved powder stashes even if it doesn’t snow for a week or longer. That’s the main advantage of having such a huge tenure. This is the time when we fly a little further and dig a little deeper. With over 1,000 marked descents in our area, we we’ve never run out of ideas. And when the snow inevitably returns, we have plenty of bad-weather skiing terrain available too. Have a look for yourself.