Heli Skiing is Fun! There’s No Need to be Intimidated.

January 29, 2014 Katie Burrell

We have all seen ski industry media: helicopters blasting through massive mountains, landing on top of an exposed peak, the athlete hopping out on to a dangerously corniced ridge. Backpack straps flapping, they hold their skis down while the helicopter slowly lifts up and nose dives down the side of the mountain at what looks like free fall. Or, the helicopter hovers over massive terrain while the athlete jumps out of the helicopter and into a gnarly couloir, where they point it straight and ride an impossibly steep line without turning. They are alone.

Where The Pros Drop. Photo: Blake Jorgenson
Where the pros drop. Photo: Blake Jorgenson

At the end of the ski movie you either think: “well, I’m never going heliskiing,” or “well, heliskiing looks a bit reckless,” or “well, in as much as I dream about being a pro skier, I am very glad that I will never have to do that.” Then, you write off a heliskiing vacation and the potential for sheer joy forever.

You Could Handle That. Photo: Blake Jorgenson
You could handle that. Photo: Blake Jorgenson

Mistake! That is not your standard heli-skiing vacation experience and this is why you should not be intimidated to come to Last Frontier Heliskiing. First and foremost, your safety is our number one priority. Our guides will communicate with you regularly about where to go, how to go safely, what the snow is like and how to navigate the terrain.

See! Something For Everybody! Photo: Hidehiko Chiyasu
See! Something for everybody! Photo: Hidehiko Chiyasu

The point of skiing with Last Frontier Heliskiing isn’t to terrify you. It’s to get your blood pumping out in the fresh air where you belong. It’s to open up a whole new area of incredible views and terrain to you. It’s about showing you some of the best that Northern British Columbia has to offer.  Every opportunity that you get to scare yourself, you should take. If heliskiing sounds like something that might be too challenging for you, try it anyways. I have seen adapted chair skiers on heli ski trips; if they can do it, so can you. The whirring blades, zipping over incredible terrain, the fresh snow; it’s enough to get anybody’s stoke up.

Reward Yourself. Photo: Dave Silver
You can do it! Photo: Dave Silver

Most importantly, you have to enjoy yourself. Skiing is for fun. Skiing is for sport. Nobody has to jump out of the helicopter. In fact, I’m pretty sure we’re not insured for that. So put your mind at ease and come on out for some good times. Further, powder makes everything easier. It turns you into a freeskiing legend. It balances you and changes your position and sorts out the sweet spot on the skis. It slows you down and lets you get deep into the white room that we all dream about. You can do this! Remember? You’re better than you think you are.