What’s the Big Deal About Heliskiing in British Columbia?

February 01, 2014 Katie Burrell

What’s the big deal about skiing in British Columbia? I’ll say it: British Columbia is a premier destination for heli skiing. It has the fierce chutes and descents of Alaska, the open powder fields of Europe, and of course, the famous pillows and tree skiing of…well, British Columbia. Have you been skiing in BC? The way to do it right is to get out into the province’s famous powder.

One Of The Guides. Photo: Hugh Barnard
One of the guides. Photo: Hugh Barnard

There’s a reason why so many ski movies have segments that are filmed in BC. The snow gets really, really deep. Plus, the massive trees provide an incredible backdrop to colourful skiers blasting through billowing snow. Forestry is an integral part of BC’s economy and when you see these trees, you’ll understand why. They’re huge. Basically, you will be floating through the ski movie version of a scene from Lord of the Rings.

Shreddin' And Lookin' Good. Photo: Grant Baldwin
Shreddin’ and lookin’ good. Photo: Grant Baldwin

There’s a reason why so many professional skiers are from BC. The kids that grow up skiing in BC understand all of the aspects of mountains. They know tree line, they know alpine and they know how to manage snow. The terrain and weather in BC sets people up for years and years of incredible exploration and discovery. Plus, there is a strong culture of skiing with family in BC. There’s a lot of that at the Last Frontier Heliskiing lodges as well.

Home sweet home – Bell 2 Lodge, British Columbia. Photo by: Steve Rosset

There’s a reason why people from all over the world come to ski the famous BC powder. With heavy precipitation and steady cold temperatures, BC is set up all winter long with snow that is really, really fun to ski. It’s light, deep, and consistent. Yes, of course, BC experiences dry periods and surface hoar and wind-scouring, but there is something magical about the way that just when you think there may never be another flake that falls from the sky…it starts to snow. And snow. And snow.

And Snow. Photo: Michael Brackenhoffer
And snow. Photo: Michael Brackenhoffer

There’s a reason why British Columbians are so fun to ski with. They have grown up skiing some of the best terrain and snow in the world, and as a result are happy and stoked to share it with others. Canadians are famous for their sense of humour (right?) and also for being “too nice”…sorry! their combination makes for a stellar ski buddy and their love for skiing is contagious.

This Is Is Happy Face. Kidding! Photo: Caton Garvie
This is is happy face. Kidding! Photo: Caton Garvie

There’s a reason why Last Frontier Heliskiing is the place to come and experience all of these things. It’s tucked up in Northern BC, a region that is less accessible for the masses of tourists that hit the more southern part of the province. The temperatures are cold, so the snow remains light and fluffy all winter long. The terrain is some of the most incredible in the entire province. It’s up in that rugged, wild, “last frontier” feeling territory that is home to the most amazing shredding in the world. Oh, and it’s all “heli-drop” accessed.

So yeah, I guess that’s why skiing in BC is such a big deal.