Wendy Fisher – Big Mountain Mom

February 05, 2014 D'Arcy McLeish

Growing up skiing I had my heroes. Glen Plake, Scot Schmidt, Doug Coombs; they were the big mountain pioneers and extreme skiers I looked up to. But another skier that I had a bit of an admiring crush on was Wendy Fisher. She was a true big mountain charger. With a race background that rivaled any world cup skier, Wendy Fisher set the standard for women’s big mountain skiing. Even more than that, she’s up there as one of the most accomplished skiers in history. Her aggressive, technically perfect style, inspired an entire generation of both men and women to get out there and make it their life’s work to explore the mountains and shred big lines.

Supermom Indeed... Photo - Powdermag.com
Supermom indeed…
Photo – Powdermag.com

Back when ski movies were still ski movies, she was a regular staple in MSP and Warren Miller films. So it was with absolute surprise and pleasure when I saw that the latest Salomon Freeski TV Episode was about Wendy Fisher. At 41, she is long past what many would consider her prime, but in this episode she’s demonstrated that she still loves to ski and push herself to the limit.


Still Sending It... Photo - Skinet.com
Still sending it…
Photo – skinet.com

The Salmoon Freeski TV episodes are some of the best ski film shorts to come out in years. I have my issues with modern ski movies, mainly because of a lot of them show us a world we, the average Joe Skier, simply can’t relate to. I want a ski film to get me stoked to get out there and ski and I find most of the films of the last few years just don’t do that. Sure, they’re artful masterpieces with stunning cinematography, but a lot of the new crop of ski films just don’t make me want to go skiing.  Enter the Salomon Freeski TV series. Each episode is an inspiration to get out there and do what we love to do…ski.


So sit back, relax and enjoy watching one of the best skiers of all time.

Be safe, ski hard.