Last Frontier Heliskiing Fun Stories and Skiing Hiliarity

June 10, 2016 Liam Harrap

Every day is an adventure working at a heliskiing company. No day is the same, and you never know what the day will bring. I’ve talked to some folks that think heliskiing is always extreme, such as skiers jumping from helicopters, 100 ft cliffs, back-flips, and no time for lunch. In 99% of the time, heliskiing is nothing like that. For safety reasons, we cannot jump from the helicopters a la James Bond, and there’s always time for lunch (thank-goodness!). While heliskiing is about skiing untracked powder as much as possible, it’s still important to enjoy yourself. Relax, have fun, and take a couple pictures. Here are examples of our guests and staff enjoying themselves with some skiing related hilarity:

| Photo -
Our guides back in the day. We all wish we had bright yellow onesies. So Epic! | Photo –

| Photo -
Our “wood fairy” Jake | Photo –

At Last Frontier Heliskiing we’re always trying to start a new fashion trend. Perhaps you’ll see these on the next New York Runway Fashion Show.

Sometimes Our Guests Like To &Quot;Clown Around&Quot; | Photo -
Sometimes our guests like to “clown around” | Photo –

Spring is the time for costumes and hilarity. With the warmer weather, sunny days, and more daylight, sometimes the guests get silly.

Just last season, we had a guest play a practical joke on one of our head guides, Colin Moorhead, the guest pretended he had fallen into a fox hole and was getting attacked by the fox. He even brought a fox pelt, and when he met up with Colin, pretended he had killed it with his bare hands. I’ll admit, it was pretty convincing, particular with the hissing sounds on the guest radio. He tried the prank at both Ripley Creek and Bell 2, and it worked.

If The Weather Is Right, The Guides Like To Dress Appropriately | Photo -
If the weather is right, the guides like to dress appropriately | Photo –
Might As Well Enjoy Ourselves For Lunch Today | Katie Notting
Might as well enjoy ourselves for lunch today. Be civilised | Photo – Katie Notting

Like I said, everyday is different. If time and weather allow, we always like to do something special for our guests, such as a barbecue in the field. Shred a few runs, with a burger or two in between sounds pretty good, eh?

Bringing It Into The Field. Good Thing We've Got The Chopper! | Katie Notting
Bringing it into the field. Good thing we’ve got the chopper! | Katie Notting

No matter what, skiing is always suppose to be enjoyable. It’s a vacation after all, not boot camp. Just look at this video to see how another heliskiing company in Kyrgyzstan has fun: